There are specialists known as Yiddishists apparently.

I want to know more about this, this seems key to understanding their side of the story

Books that make Yiddishists wince. I love being a jester, I wonder if they’re going to decapitate me soon.

A Ukrainian who had ancestors starve to death in the Holodomor will know of such books.

Just to get some kind of idea of what thoughtcrime is like there, I know that 38 books have been banned there recently. One of the people on that list died in an accident on the highway, smacked into a concrete guard rail.

26 million internet users in Ukraine, a country of about 44 million people

If the Holodomor and KGB killings happened in the 1800s I’d care less. Thing is, it all happened in the same century that most of us were born in! I don’t buy this clean-slate forgiveness, in fact I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened again- we already see it in a light, “civilized” way today.

Happy MLK day to the white shudras who secretly wouldn’t mind all reactionaries being gulagged by the way. It’s your day! Enjoy it! I have a dream you’ll crouch down and be my foot-stool.


These dopes would probably count genealogists as ~terrorists~. Quick, flag the word Holodomor, it’s andysemetik.

Gonna find our friends somehow. They couldn’t have starved all the smart ones.

In Ukraine alone, according to the study, there are millions of mobile VPN users.

I was talking about how certain attitudes are first-nature to Muslims- Ukrainians saw more deaths than they have, albeit not as recently.

Various clues at Lurkmore

Ah I know you had the thought dear reader- “Do they have a Solzhenitsyn?”

They talk about some kind of old anon web called Ukoz.

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