It is school textbooks, not academic science, that shape public consciousness. And in Ukrainian textbooks, Ukrainian Jews are rarely mentioned… Only in one textbook – authored by Igor Shchupak – an entire section is devoted to the events of the Holocaust.

There’s human garbage, then there’s human garbage that conceals from everyone what it is. If you hate fascists, then I expect that I can suspect what you identify as.

There are charitable ways of looking at this question, and I ask the more callous ones similar to me to at least try to contemplate this thought-experiment. If you had a young daughter you’d want her to be all she can be. Knowing that Hyksos control the equalist narrative, you might get the idea in your mind that she’d be able to exercise her greatest potential with them in charge, so you’d be quiet about them. Can you imagine that? I can somewhat. I just think it’s based on wishful thinking mostly. We live in a time of extremist feminism and it will be some years before we see the ultimate effects of it. And I for one don’t really expect the consequences to play out in the way that they anticipate. It’s a nice dream, civil rights. They should at least allow people to note how it can go wrong in order to reduce suffering that it causes. The Tinder generation that’s getting into their 30s now are too proud to admit that there’s never going to be a “happily ever after” for them. Am I a romantic for thinking that’s possible? Okay you can call me that, and if I had a daughter and an ideology prevented her from having that then I’d be pretty angry. And if people like me were prevented from speaking then I might even get murderously angry and elaborately formulate ideas on how to coup the government, can you relate? Whores are empty vessels that wake up and pop pills, and that’s where women’s rights leads. I’m sad that the dream is an illusion too. And that’s just one side of the problem of jew-mandated equalism.

You know that really, really old meme from teenager years about politics being puppet on the right, puppet on the left, that’s so old that you don’t even want to see it mentioned? Despite the fact that it’s so old, if you don’t discuss the JQ you might as well have not learned from it at all, you’re just living in primitive-meme times. That’s how you directly talk about that concept that so many believe that they understand so well.

So anyway, in this context, I realize that another one of those ideas that’s so “right there” that it’s invisible is Holodomor. I’m surprised I’m only beginning to get beyond the surface details of that after everything else I’ve studied. This is probably thee one event that is most dangerous to their transcendental foundations, possibly in a truly superlative sense. Notice how you don’t really see it mentioned? That probably isn’t a coincidence. The bioleninists make sure of that. More people died there than in the holocaust, and guess who had a disproportionate representation in that, and guess who knew that it happened? That’s right, the evil Nazis. And when I look at pictures of the ones responsible for it I notice that they look exactly like certain people who live in the US today. And those same ones have similar policies, and those same ones actively strive to conceal information about what they do today, and what they did only decades ago. They want you dead for the Pale of Settlement, they want you dead for the 100 other expulsions. That’s just who they are now. And the thought will never honestly cross their mind whether they deserved it all. One is probably reading this right now and thinking that, If the people who died in the Holodomor were like you then they probably did deserve that. They’re wiping you out, they don’t care, all they see is red, because we find it funny that they’re the kind of chandalas that would celebrate MLK day.

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