This is only from last month

We’re supposed to expect them to ban books promoting diversity over there or something, and as it turns out what is most evil for them is what is most evil for us.

Hodos is based in Ukraine and I just now had the thought to google him in the Ukrainian language. I’m still looking for the fabled “library” he inspired.

This Levashov though- a theoretical physicist who ran for president, died of a heart attack six months later. And if Hodos is talking about him it could only mean one thing. They must prop up the liberal Navalny to distract from people like him.

Looks like he’s an occultist like that scifi writer Petukhov

behind the Jews there is a cosmic parasitic system

Keeping track of all these ‘ov names? It isn’t easy. Another one that Yarovrat likes is Klimov.

With any “luck” we’ll have lots of American-sounding names to draw from after the US is jewed to rubble. Put on a happy face.

Saw this looking up the Holodomor, reminded me of amerigoys

Everything is fair- goys are bumbling imbeciles because that is reality.

You know those conservatard books that are published constantly, with like a red white and blue flag on them or whatever? There’s no point in reading these fucking books, they only distract you. Reading alt-lite shitposters on social media sites that ban people who actually challenge them is a waste of your time. Not like you really care about making contact with reality. Enjoy watching basketball as kikes laugh at you. How pathetic goys are that I have to rely on this Rabbi-traitor Hodos. Hey walnut-brain, a meteor is headed for your country and you don’t mind, you don’t bother to nuke it or something, thus you deserve to perish in smoke and fire. I laugh like a madman whenever it dawns on me that all my misanthropic were accurate. I’m going to Brooklyn clad as the Chabad to infiltrate, probably the only people who hate goys as much as I do on an instinctive level, so I won’t even have to lie that much.

As for the Holodomorian youth, might find some on livejournal, typing in Hodos in Ukrainian

I’m hoping to find some similar to Lurkmorians who aufheben’d Dugin in certain ways.

Another thought- is there a Polish version of Hodos?

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