Any of you other autists like trying to piece together Pale of Settlement historiography?

The same academic has a book on a so-called chauvinist Roman Dmowski. Even if they’re hostile to antisemites their works can still be mined for information. If we’re not going to have a “CCIA” we can still have an informal one on the internet. A time-traveler version of the NSA. “Intelligence-gathering” on these dirtbags who turn people into monkeys.

Anyway, this Dmowski is known as the father of Polish nationalism and has essays on the Jews, no wonder I’ve never heard of him. He died just months before the Nazis occupied Poland and started taking care of business, poor guy didn’t get to see it.

Polish word for Jews – Żydów

One thing I always questioned Trump about was his Slavic women, and after studying Slavs more, maybe he was right after all. Then again, it was Germans who occupied Poland, so there’s that.

How excited this makes me

We couldn’t be so lucky that their government would be stupid enough as Russia to have their own List?

Watch, in an amazing twist of events, philosemitic books are banned there. Yeah right, no such paradise exists.

After sorting through the usual normie links that contain “banned” books like Animal Farm and centuries old Papal orders, I see this

Is there a rangordnung among Slavs? Who are the non-negro-slavs?

Looks like the foolhardy actions of our tech-bolsheviks are having unintended consequences

This matter tells you a lot about a people

Ego fragility.

Google translate is awesome, it’s helped free me so much from the cowards here. A country of pussies where the actual pussies are fly-swept, what a place. GULAG! I’m probably going to a gulag. The KGB will be dumbfounded when the top of my house opens like a hatch and I take off in a jetpack.

First sign of anything close to what I’m looking for on the Polskie internet

This book turns up without me even mentioning Żydów. Polzhenitsyn?

Geopolitically interesting being between these two

Speaking of an “international conspiracy” how about an international conspiracy of genealogists?

When writing his texts, Dr Pietrzak uses not only the historian’s technique. For the years after 1990, he worked for the Polish secret services

Same could be said about the US

 Contrary to the propaganda of the communist and the present, Poland lost the Second World War and no attendance at the parades in the camps of the winners will change that.

Jews won the war, whites lost.

Not sure if the same could be said of Poland generally, yet, given that half their population is antisemitic.

Poland is obviously a special place given Auschwitz. Possibly something more rapid about the dialectic there? This historiographer is the first sign I’ve seen of something like that in any case. Know how many months it took me to find something like Lurkmore? A digital underground counter-culture can probably be found for many countries.

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