A Polish formalist

Looks like we found ourselves a fellow traveler. Poland represent!

Can we take this as a symptom of the zeitgeist there?

That is from a description of a book called Nazis and Shabbos Goys.

Anyone mad at me for posting the way I do is probably a “promoter of Judaism”. Sell-out, kill yourself.

Every American should know this website by heart!

This Michalkiewicz is a university professor, must be a different world over there.

Quick google image of polish women and.. checks out, I’m leavin.

The Polish wiki for Michalkiewicz doesn’t smear him as an antisemite.

Look who’s there too

Among anons is it an established fact that he was linked to the dominion voting machines?

“Okay so anyway, where are the links to the Michalkiewicz books?”

You think I can just make those magically appear, I’m looking.

With google translate it’s like I have my own sweatshop of personal translators. People don’t praise this technology enough.

Aw don’t tell me that

Some names of other Polish rightists in a collection, so he clearly isn’t a super-leper

This is a theme in how many countries we’ve found so far?

Polish sounds German – link to that lecture.

This is what he says of 3/4 of the journalists in Poland

secret collaborators of the Security Service or other security packs

What Lurkmore says

Once the Poles were the actual leaders and cultural representatives of the entire Slavic world

Meanwhile still looking for his books

He has a book called Studies on Jewophilia – C U L T U R O L O G Y

Sounds familiar.

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