A dark day today. Pedicures for the foot-shudras, and ankle shackles for us, the new chandalas. Want to hate me for being dehumanizing? You’re going to learn what real dehumanization is like soon. The wall-concept was the last grope of that to cling to humanity that we might ever see. It’s not dehumanization to designate certain types as being part of unflattering castes. The left is a movement of humanization of what isn’t human. Remind me again why you aren’t living in a ghetto. The answer is “subhumans”. Your perception of reality is going to gradually, subtly shift to change the way you see humanity. What is “acceptable” is going to change. Maybe not immediately. After a couple years you probably won’t even realize that it happened. That’s what their idea of “healing” is really about, it’s a change of perception rather than a change of reality. Did Trump really do much policy-wise? Can’t think of much. The wall-concept on the other hand, why they have such loathing for him. He represented a living reminder of humanity. Biden (and especially Harris) represent the negation of the reminder of humanity. Once again, go live in Central America if you disagree with any of this. There are subhumans there, and subhumans in our own country, and they don’t want us to perceive them that way. As a result of them being perceived as “acceptable”, “shining lights” of humanity you yourself will begin to “ape” them for lack of a better term, mimic them. If that’s what human is, why not. Not sure if the secret police will scoop me up–to be the one who orders them around, just kidding, I only hope that the true shining lights of humanity are able to escape this regime before it’s too late for them. That’s the vision of the future they want, braindead white man and brown woman with kike husband (whatever the male version of Esther is, I’m sure there’s an obscure Yiddish term for it). I just urge people to exercise extreme caution in the next couple years to prevent the engineered memory-wipe of the wall-concept that preserves the true image of the shining lights of humanity. I’ve already told you how to do that, plenty of books to read, see them as friends, maybe better friends than your friends on social media who have to live in a time of totalitarian censorship. I’ll try to stick around, I just care more about my studies than this place now that the possibility of a coup went from 10 to 0%.

I’m contenting myself today learning about Poland from the eye-view of dissent – żydowską okupacją Polski – “occupation”, that’s a funny word in the context of Poland, no?

Today’s Third Polish Republic is the result of the coup d’état in August 1980. It was done by the Jewish fifth column. The Jews failed in their earlier attempts to return to the town they had lost in 1956.authorities: in June 1956, in March 1968, in December 1970, in June 1976.

The unsuccessful attempts allowed the Jews to gain experience and develop a new method of seizing power, which was later called the “color revolutions”.

Call the one in the US a “color” revolution if you want, it’s some kind of revolution. Isn’t that great, doesn’t everyone want to be part of some kind of ~revolution~? If it means the lowbrow vulgarity of shudras being rendered “acceptable”, then that’s not a revolution I want to be part of. At least Trump represented some sort of restoration, we’re now living in a revolt against that, who knows where the dialectic will lead after that? In the meantime I’m going to be actively avoiding their psychic parasitism.

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