She was so brave

So brave, and so reckless. So hot, too, if we’re being honest.

If “one could expect” that Pelosi is working with the NSA, either directly or indirectly, the true Patriot Act is to do what this vigilante did.

Is that the best way to go about it? It’s a symbol.

How about this martyr, pointing to herself where she got shot?

You don’t like the NSA being able to spy on everything you say? You don’t like the police state? Then why weren’t you brave enough to be like these two? You probably only cheered the burning down of buildings that they try to make you forget. These two women are above most people. Was it stupid to do what they did? Honestly, I like the idea of the Capitol being stormed, it just has to be more ordered, and giving us an example of what that is like seems pretty smart. These are female martyrs, and if you’ve done nothing besides shill for the left for years they’re so much better than you. Keep making excuses for yourselves.

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