Welp, Biden’s being sworn in today, looks like I’ll have to start toning it down

All Biden’s Radhanites truly want white people to suffer

Tell me how proggism is anything else.

This, simultaneously with the following that I found on a .ir site

This isn’t made up, an Israeli journo confirms it

I wonder if any of those books behind him consists of this type of material.

This rabbi has a book on Esther hmm…

7000 of his lessons on Wayback Machine – looks like he’s a Chabadnik. So, it would be like having a card-carrying KKK member teaching students at West Point.

That’s why the only reason you have a country is from begging, right?

Paradoxically, if you don’t feel like a Palestinian you are genetically inferior. Only certain types of souls can perceive what’s really going on in the US.

From an article on this rabbi

You think all the yids in Biden’s cabinet aren’t going to smile knowingly at each other?

This is a progressive by the name of Silverstein saying this

Oh I’m finding all sorts of stuff through that .ir site

Yitzchak Ginsburgh… the rabbi who published “The King’s Torah,” a religious manual that grants Jews the license to kill any non-Jew that they fear may one day threaten them, even babies.

This rabbi is prolific.

Why would that Silverstein have an incentive to lie about this?

“American Jews are different!” Not from my observations, and it’s not like you’re going to see them admit any of this.

So, The King’s Torah, that might be even better than Hodos, seeing them directly say it themselves.

Haaretz calls Biden’s cabinet a minyan. This all hasn’t been cloud-talk, it’s practical philosophy of religion.

We try to figure out the esotericism of the Druze, a people with zero political presence. I wonder how many higher-ups truly believe in the following

Rebbe = Schneerson.

Icarian formalism?

Think some of them do anything like this?

Might be able to replicate an initiation into the mysteries with some of these rabbis’ texts. What about “the” Rebbe’s?

Is it truly unedited? Does he talk about the qliphoth? 35,000 pages, $800-1000. I wonder if they’ve put them online. They see him as the Moshiach, the King of the Jews. The Kabbalah is still “hidden” in the sense that, how many people have heard about this? Imagine reading tens of thousands of pages only to discover that the best books are kept in their private library. Probably true, doesn’t mean there won’t be Hodos-esque gems in the extant ones, especially given that they’re mostly not translated in English and they wouldn’t expect those hostile to them to be able to read them.

This might be what you wear every day without even realizing it

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