This book by Rabbi Ginzburg isn’t what you might expect unfortunately

Science of the goyim, gib. ME. The Aryan is a nickname for one of their most prominent Kabbalists.

I do find this book on his chabadpedia page

In the month of Av 5771, he was summoned for questioning by the National Unit for the Investigation of International Serious Crimes on the consent he gave to the book “Torat Hamelech”

What is this book about you ask?

Chapter A – Prohibition of Killing a Gentile: In this chapter it is argued that the source of the prohibition of killing a gentile from the Torah is not in the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, which deals only with the murder of a Jew

They must be exoterically PC in Israel given that they’re constantly bombing Syria, and approving of this book led to Ginzburg taking a trip to the police station (with his students dancing and singing at his side). Do you want to know what the Mossad thinks? They’re not going to publish it- some of these rabbis will. The authors of this book ended up not being indicted. Want to understand this Blinken kike’s foreign policy the next few years? You can find explicit articulations there. I’m going to bring this book up to the goblin judge, think he’ll care 0%? And why is that? Well let’s see

The double-standuhd – gentiles can’t call fuh killin us–even in lituhrary form! Court’s adjourned, excuse me while I deflowa a prepubescent shiksa now.

While they probably have the evil kings of Syria and Iran in mind, it doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to think of Trumpists in this context. (Killed, ostracized, not too different). They published their own wikileak with this book.

From a .il review

Let’s have a convuhsation about it

If I had to play mind-reader, the controversy is mainly about whether it should be written about, not whether gentiles should be bombed or sanctioned into starvation.

Here’s the one that said Hitler was right about everything, he was just on the wrong side.

At least with Trump he constantly condemned the media, he was like a living refuter of the Talmud. In a couple hours it’s back to Talmud 24/7/365, christian peoples not being recognized as an aufheben of the Torah which in reality they are. Unfortunately for them the dialectic goes on whether they like it or not

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