Four years of misery AHAHAHA

The Pale of Settlement was remembered. Segregation was remembered. The good old days when we weren’t so tolerant of immorality. What a shame they’ll be shaping perception to regain our lost tolerance of that. “You’re a bad person? That means you’re good!”

We learned so much about the world, humanity, and the US from the wall-concept and its implications. I don’t expect to learn much from sleepy Joe’s term. Lots of “shut up” mostly. I guess we can learn about what makes people tick through that too, there’s always a bright side. They intuit a confusion in the wretched ones, and that makes them feel for them. Confused, thus ignorant, ignorant, thus bad. Is being extra-nice going to make them less confused. Nope! The left, ever the futile ones, and ever persisting in their ways nonetheless. Blinded by tears as it were. More of rage than of empathy, that’s one of their quirks I picked up on the last few years. The immorals make them sad, they see that certain people don’t “believe in” their potential, that makes them mad, and amplifies their “care”. All the while jews keep jewing, nigs keep nigging, and women keep being women, all the while culture in general is getting closer and closer to these three dirt clods’ that need to be told what to do in order to act like some semblance of humans. Nope, they’re just going to keep “being themselves” and all the contemptible glory that entails we will be witnessing in increased levels. Bitchniggerkike country kind of says it all of what’s in store. Shows are going to be impossible to watch, gets used to rewatching old ones. Hopefully the “society of hate” is reinvigorated from all this, sweet sweet beautiful hate. People talk about the vaccine, no one really mentions how to develop immunities to their shudra-liberalism. People you least expect are probably going to start spouting equalist gibberish any day now. It’s sad that we live in a time where some 170 IQer from Harvard or something never wrote about the “philosophy of the wall”, I’d love to read something like that, oh well, so much of neechmeister is unlocked from that, even though it was never actually built. So many people deserve to live on the other side of one that it’s no wonder we have such a strict taboo around radically questioning the social contract. Because people can sense on some level they’re either part- or all chandala. The wall-concept put the old Christian guilt in everyone’s conscience. People prefer to live without conscience. “I’m a sell-out!!” You stopped denying it?? Whoa! Yeah right. Biden is only a pretext for many to keep being a sell-out in good conscience.

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