No one wants to say it.. do they have damning information on Trump that they’ve been using to sway him? Maybe it was back in the 80s and he was coked-up acting like a buffoon or something. Maybe even from the beginning. Not that it matters now. Though, they might do the same thing to another reactionary candidate in the future so we could learn. Seems like he had good intentions and only some kind of pressure could have led him to be so Israel First. I don’t think it was bribery. More about the public perception of him. Just speculating. Maybe he was just another boomer billionaire who doesn’t really “get it”. My personal interpretation is that he does actually understand the US underworld from a smart goy perspective. And then they got him somehow. Who knows, I don’t know. Another interpretation is that he was being moderate in the first term after experiencing the backlash against him, in order to be elected for another term, and they rigged the election before he could implement saner policies. The fact is that he seemed to have followed certain standard guidelines when he didn’t have to since so many people already hated him anyway. The damage he did to legacy media was too much for them, even though he put the schmoozes to Israel, they knew it was, in their eyes, a “hubristic”, insubordinate goy, so they put the kibosh to him. I think America’s awareness of the the middle east, Israel, ZOG was starting to get too focused, and to blur it they allowed an, on the surface at least, extremist-rightist to distract them who continued the same Israel First agenda with concessions here and there to the problems of the US. An even subtler Dubya, they confused us by portraying as a moron, and they confused us again by portraying Trump as an equal or challenger to the establishment. They see it as a balance between stability in Israel and stability in the US, they need to keep the stability here in order to preserve stability in Israel. MAGA was similar to the 2020 riots, it was an outlet of revolutionary energy in order to preserve the status quo. All the actual revolutionary energy got banned. And here we are with this sad man who should be in a retirement home (I say that with genuine concern) who most of the people on the left are content with just because it’s not the other side of the controlled opposition. You leftists have your side of the country for Real Marxism, and a reactionary half of the country implements its own political interpretation, maybe even a few other patches free from both of those. “Why would we do that when we could have ALL of the country with Biden-puppet?” Many really do think this way. Look me in the eye and tell me “Biden is true leftism” without sighing. Yet so many hate what Biden is the negation of that it might as well be leftism to them. All you’re doing in practice is being patsies for the ruling-caste and willfully eliminating people who can challenge them at all. And I know not to have the wishful thinking now to expect that you’re not so entrenched in their plans that you’re even worth talking to about it. What you gotta do to survive- shudra-liberalism. “This is me. I’m not controlled.” It is you, you are controlled, very few exceptions I’ve ever seen. Coping is a sound mechanism. Live in a totalitarian place and you’ll be able to cope to survive there somehow, that’s evolution. I still write sentences expecting people to be able to read them without coping, infinite excuses. I’m sure one is still arising in your mind now. Are you happy being a shudra? “Those don’t exist.” Are you happy being a shudra? Keep coping, shudra.

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