Whadaya know, after all the dust has settled, Netanyahu is still the president. There are 160 “banned” rabbis apparently

What’s the orthodoxy over there? What is heretical, i.e. “religiously incorrect”?

This is weird on chabadpedia, over 100 pages for this alone

Chabadniks teach at the universities there so they evidently aren’t banned.

It’s like how I expressed interest in getting to know Xi since he’s going to continue to be around as we have new presidents. Is our 2032 president going to be Israel First too? Seems highly likely. I found that Chinaman who has the CCP all mapped out, I still don’t know of someone that’s done that for Israel. And if “we” go to war with Iran it would be helpful to know more details about them too. Are we all too helpless to do anything about it really? Yeah, knowing the precise details about what’s going on in the world increases the entertainment value of it, is my cynical way of looking at it. The last few years you might have noticed that even people who were absolutely pious regarding the JQ were deleted from the internet, that’s where we’re at. So who does this chief rabbinate ban from jewry? Are all 160 heretical in the same way? Is orthodoxy based on the Moshiach of the Chabad, or are they a more fringe current that is merely tolerated? This is a lie, there’s criteria

Apparently the chief rabbinate has various “ban lists”, not sure which are or are not kept secret. I know many are in a state of hopelessness after Biden-puppet was inaugurated. I’m kind of in the mood to learn how to sow division in Israel, myself. All the decadence we have to deal with in the US, I’d like them to have that too! Meanwhile I get the distinct sense that we’re now living in more of a police-state than usual and I expect “the knock” on my door at any time. They joke on South Park about someone killing Zuckerberg, go fuck yourselves. It would be a political arrest and everyone knows it. Remember this?

What, are you accusing me of being paranoid? The thought of kikes dying is funny to me and I’d like to see the concept in a movie, what can I say?

So who are factions of Israel? There’s a saying that no Jew agrees with any other Jew about anything, sure, they agree on the basics though, and if you hear that consider it as pilpul.

There are 17 members of the Chief Rabbinate Council. Is it what they say goes, are they beholden to a secular authority, are they ultimately at the mercy of the Israel Lobby in the US? All these questions we need to figure out the answers to. I mean, many are probably in “it’s time to grill” mode, and I don’t blame you, I just hate them so much that I’m not quite there yet. Here is the list of banned rabbis for those interested. If only it was obvious that there was a thread that unites all of them. We’re living in the midst of a Bolshevik revolution and the center of control seems to be Israel as much as DC and NYC, and most don’t have a clue what’s going on in Israel. Anyway, here’s a clue about one of the banned rabbis, Kolesnik, who is known as the chief rabbi of western Ukraine

Уважає, що «жид» — фольклорна форма, яку не варто використовувати офіційно, оскільки це може сприйматися як образа, але можна — у приватному житті, що він сам робить у розмовах, наприклад, з представниками старшого покоління Галичини.

жид appears to be a pejorative term. It seems similar to the word “negro” in that it used to be accepted as standard parlance. Does Israel want to erase the history of the shtetl? I’m sure they have books on historiography and counter-historiography to find? This is only the first rabbi from this list that I look up.

Due to the growing self-awareness of the Jewish people and the sharply negative coloration of this word in the Russian language, the question of its use in the Ukrainian language also grew into a socio-political discussion.

Is Kolesnik a living reminder of the 109? How do Israelis perceive that? How does the chief rabbinate want Israelis to perceive that? Is hearing жид like nails on a chalk board to some rabbis? Genealogical work to be done on this term. One of the problems I’m seeing already is that google instantly translates it to “Jew”. Is google-translate “racist”? Oy! Ukrainian for Jews is Євреї. Is there a Russian equivalent of жид? A Polish equivalent?

Some of Trump’s tweets were pretty great- next to this though?

Just trying to focus on the heights now that the demons are back in power.

The Ukraine wiki for жид has tons of gems so far

the idea of Jewish Kabbalistics about changing destiny by changing the name is often advocated

This is just from the first rabbi on that list! Are some of them more honest about the 109?

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