Just inadvertently telling on themselves with this example

In contrast, when a leftist refers to a “white politician” it’s almost a slur. People talk about orange man being bad, they never talk about why being pale is regarded as something bad, and the need to be orange. We’re living in a time of inverted racism characterized by ressentiment. Keep in mind the strategy of the left to consistently deny all of this. “Whites aren’t the new negros!” People who need to be redacted and redacted, in Minecraft.

Hey Brennan, your daughter gave me a blumpkin and thanked me for it.

So where were we? It looks like the term жид was outlawed during Marxist rule. So the Pale of Settlement was “de-walled” and they got a new name, a new identity. How many of those they sent to Siberia were people who refused to erase certain historical memories?

I saw a list of jokes and anecdotes about the Pale of Settlement on yandex the other day, one of them was about how when Yentas wear low-cut shirts they should make sure to keep washed the skin exposed.

They do what they do, get kicked out, some have to live in shambles, before they start jewing again.

This seems somewhat accurate

Of recent memory anyway. (The Persians can tell you some stories.) One of their main secrets is the connection between the PoS and their later activities as secret police in the USSR. Why were they so bloodthirsty? Let’s turn to the PoS. Why are they so bloodthirsty now? Let’s turn to the holocaust. What caused the holocaust? Their activities in the PoS and prior to that. Their main secret? Not exactly wrong.

The persecuted minority of neech-style philology enthusiasts crossed with Wagner love to see a sentence like this

Єврей and Євреї are the politically correct terms in Ukraine.

List of books like the latter please and thanks

Of course one will also find the terms Жид and Жиди in Ukrainian literature of the recent to distant past; on most cases context will be required to understand whether neutral or negative value was intended.

They had a high concentration in Belarus during the PoS too- is there an older, more controversial term for them from there as well?


Разам з тым неабходна канстатаваць, што комп-лексная характарыстыка вобраза гандляра ў традыцыйнай карціне беларусаў ХХ ст., у кантэксце этна-культурных і сацыяльна-эканамічных трансфармацый, у айчыннай этналогіі дагэтуль не стала прадметам спецыяльнага даследавання

I wonder if holocaustianity is strong there

Lukashenko stated that a typical Jewish city is a pigsty. Well I have been to NYC and can confirm this. According to the ADL, 1/3 Belarusians are anti-semitic, i.e. don’t like people who create pigsties.

Some new anti-pigsty writers I’ve never heard of here

One of the books is simply titled History lol so perfect.

I’m still looking for a goy version of those Asch books! Reading a satirical novel about the PoS shtetls is exactly how I want to spend my time.

Interesting if true

So they took on a new name, and then immediately after the Holodomor and gulags followed, and now they’re in the US with “жид” forgotten. Who were the жиди? Are they still жиди now? What was that thing from my previous post about Kabbalah about? Change the name, change the destiny? долі – destiny. Synonyms-

They were forgiven, and they remained the same old жиди. This is the time we’re living in.

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