Sviatoslav was the Grand Duke of Kiev, so it makes sense to look for his name in Ukrainian, Святослав Ігорьович. I’m find a bunch of books on him that way, lots of recent ones too, both fictional and nonfictional.

I bet the Ukrainian plutocrats liked this

On July 3, 2015, the “March of Prince Sviatoslav the Brave” took place in Kyiv, in honor of the Heroic Victory of Prince Sviatoslav over the Khazar Khaganate. About a thousand representatives of patriotic organizations took part in it.

“Bogolyubov” – name still makes me laugh. That Polish formalist Michalkiewicz agrees with Hodos about his “New Khazaria” thesis regarding Ukraine.

A Ukrainian source I’m finding says that after Sviatoslav overtook Khazaria the Radhanites flocked to Kiev and Crimea. So, pre Pale of Settlement we’re talking about here. These were slavers among other things mind you. And if you’re keeping track of all these names, Bristow’s book on white slavery and prostitution is on the period of 1870-1939, so between 965 when Khazaria was destroyed and 1870, some of the same types of people were living in this general area of the world. The Babylonian Talmud was written in 500 AD and edited over the next couple centuries, yknow that book that transcendentally justifies the enslavement of goyim? The one that was only translated historically recently? To understand the Pale of Settlement you need to understand the Talmud. That connection, it goes without saying, is systematically erased.

As much as I knock google, I’m amazed at the moment at the amount of material I’m finding on Google Books about Sviatoslav – for a thoroughgoing genealogy of the Pale of Settlement those will be necessary to pore over. There’s a controversy about the Khazarian origins, and I’m just trying to figure this all out by asking the Pale of Settlement countries about this stuff in their own languages. The Ukrainian wiki calls it the Смуга осілості, the settlement zone, the border, the settlement strip.

This sentence kind of encapsulates the thinking of the modern world

The settlement zone was one of the violations of human rights, in particular the right to free choice of residence.

That was established in 1791- so, about 800 years after Khazaria fell. Slowwwly trying to figure all this out, since I STILL haven’t found a definitive book on all this, for reasons you could expect. “Haven’t we been watching you for months look for a book like this?” Yes, exactly.

The Egyptians, Syrians, and Iranians of this time when the Hyksos were concentrated in the Pale were probably relieved! Thank Allah they moved there! And now they’re back again with a vengeance, with the most advanced weaponry and propaganda.

To help you understand their mindset, imagine that the Pale probably felt something like how people in Palestine feel now. Forced to the periphery, “put in a cage at the border”.

Ooh interesting stats here

Remember that one Jew whining about what he prefers to call himself on the census? “I dunno, how about someone who was kicked around and abused in Eastern Europe?” Most of them weren’t peasants.

Most of the places for reference

So is there a treasure-trove of literature set in these towns from these times? Probably somewhere. Lots in Polish I expect based on those numbers. Fiction and nonfiction of course, which can be blended into a further gesamtkunstwerk. Genealogy + Wagner is so fun. A Hitlerian Zarathustra-figure wandering around in the Pale? Endless possibilities during these dystopic times.

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