Totally not the face of someone who’d have certain white nationalists escorted to GITMO

When are you inbreds going to rename yourselves to the Mossad and get it over with? This is the one that was on Game of Thrones! Just shows how connected they all are, screens and spooks. I hope you’re disturbed if after all my talk about how the KGB exists in the US I disappear myself. All a waste too, besides the intrinsic fun of it, given the worthlessness of this country. Most would probably be happy if I disappeared, the KGB lives in their brain. I guess I appreciate being able to live here and witness it all first-hand. If they’re anything like the ones today they must have sent the best Russians to Siberia. I don’t care if someone has a cartoon avatar, these are superior people in many cases who challenge the existing regime in clever and rational language, and you don’t see that in any of the institutional publications. They select for the obedient morons and anyone who questions them is “sent to Siberia”. It’s definitely reminiscent of a vestigial monotheism that only permits one god. It’s like history is frozen at the time of Babylon. Ancient superstition funded by usurious means.

In Russian history you always hear about Nikolai II – could it be that they were getting revenge for this?

The very concept of “Pale of Settlement” appeared during the reign of Nicholas I. The Pale of Settlement was one of the main instruments of the Russian government in its policy towards the Jewish population: with the help of the Pale, they tried to limit contacts of the Jewish population with Christians, to prevent Jews from entering the inner provinces of Russia , to isolate them from the peasants (in whose exploitation, according to the Russian authorities, the Jews were guilty). Religious motives played an important role in carrying out such a policy. Jews, by virtue of their religion, were considered immoral, capable of deceiving Christians and ritual murder.

Seems really obvious that the Pale of Settlement was involved with all this and you never see any Marxist ever mention it. The most capitalistic, exploitative people of all were forced to live in certain places and under the guise of the opposite ideology they murdered tens of millions, and now the same people live there today, tremendously wealthy. You think that won’t happen here in the US, “because equality”? Didn’t learn your lesson from last time smallskullgoy. “You’ll pay for the Pale of Settlement!” It only got worse after the holocaust.

They don’t need their religion anymore, it’s in their nature.

Like I said, it doesn’t really matter, most people, left and right, have the KGB already living in their brains. They identify with shudras in some way and they might as well be bioleninists. As for myself, I’m going to continue studying these people here today “in another life” until they take me away.

Sure, shudra, you’ve never participated in this with them. Permanent slave who should be in a grave.

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