Here I sit upon my throne of lies for another morning.

Strefy osiedlenia – Polish
Смуга осілості – Ukrainian
Черта оседлости – Russian
Мяжа аселасці – Belarusian
דער תּחום-המושבֿ – Yiddish

And I haven’t even touched on this yet

First time I’ve seen this

 Jews constituted but a beleaguered and oppressed minority in Western Europe or Russia, while in Ukraine they were, vis-á-vis the Ukrainians, part of the ruling classes.

Just looking up really niche subjects rights now – “anti-semitic 19th century Ukrainian novelists”. If they were too prominent in the ruling class then I don’t expect to find academic-style publications.

Find this guy

Just looking for parallels to the modern day in other countries. The more recent the better, though Ancient Egypt already says it all.

I don’t know why I ever trusted English wikipedia on people who didn’t speak English

That last one there, ethnopsychologist, that’s what I’m trying to do- think like a Pale Jew, get in the head of the Pale, think like a Ukrainian from those times. They call him an ethnographer on the eng wiki, lame. “Ethnopsychology” redirects to Psychological Anthropology on the eng wiki, since we’re all anthros as you know, or so the anglos tell us. ANGLO! Being an ANGLO!

Kostomarov is looking into your racial soul

His conclusion? You seem like everyone else, you’re a spiritual Jew. Nah, that’s just mine.

Uh oh

I’m going to be pouting until I find a satirical novel though. This will do for now. Satirical fiction paradoxically can de-conceal the most non-joking non-fictions.

For now, I wonder what these non-fictional writings can tell us about our own time and place

Kulish (Куліш) is another prolific Ukrainian who wrote in this “genre”.

Apparently they debated about that word from yesterday, жид (zhyd).

On a zhyd website I see that it goes even farther back than them, he says that «Месія правдивий» by Ґалятовського is the most anti-jewish text of the 17th century.

Are these the two main dudes?

This zhyd also says the debate over the word zhyd began in 1860.

73 years later, upwards of 12 million had died after the Holodomor, and the word жид no doubt played a part in that. And in 1933–well, we know what happened in 1933.

Hey Jude 
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Na-na-na, na 
Oh, yeah
Na-na-na, na, na 

They didn’t like the name, and they tried to convince people that changing their name could change their nature. I’m not a жид! I’m not a жид! Looking at the US, you are. Kabbalistic change of perception through the shifting of a word that developed out of karma.

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