There was a stereotype about the Жиди in 19th century Ukraine that they “held the keys to the church”. Synchronicity of the day in light of the term cathedral.

Usury there too?

There’s that very word on livejournal

Kostomarov, as a historian, especially emphasized the facts of exploitation of the working population of Little Russia by Jewish usurers and tenants

What was translated as “letters” in my last post seem to have been more precisely magazine articles

This is similar to bringing up proto-nazi German writers to explain Nazism, except the situation is reversed, because it was mostly Jews killing whites. The difference is you’ve probably never heard of Kostomarov or Kulish, and yet when I say “proto-nazi” a few names rise to your mind. That’s because the Holodomor has been erased from history. That might be what our state religion would be based on today if the Nazis had won! Instead, no one really knows anything about it. Let’s change that, where is this “Osnova” collection? What do Ukrainians have to say about it today? Furthermore, what are some earlier texts from which Kostomarov and Kulish drew their ideas? I’ve seen a couple claims that it goes back to the 16th century.

What is the true meaning of the word Жид in the way both sides understood it then? What is its origin? Was it earned? Was it rather a result of peasant ressentiment?

Until I can find that book, we’ll have to rely on what others say about this ethnopsychologist

Kostomarov was one of the first to say that the Little Russian language is threatened by the invasion of “new forged words”, as well as numerous borrowings.

Don’t call us Hyksos, don’t call us Radhanites, don’t call us Жиди. Call us fellow white people.

The Holodomor was a taboo subject to the Soviets, no one published about it in the USSR until the 80s.


he identified the main tasks, among which the most important was the fight against the “enemies” of the Ukrainian language, who did not recognize its identity and tried to use various theories to attribute it to the so-called “dialects” of Russian or Polish languages.

No, we mean what we say when we use the word Жид. Calling things what they are, that’s Confucian. Heh, think of that in the context of PC culture. We are not Confucians here.

I want to “inhabit the lifeworld” of what that word meant for Ukrainians, and you can do that best immersing in literature. Unless they have historical dramas of the audio-visual variety over there? Probably do. This is like Antiversity on meth. I’m going to have to google all those translations of “pale of settlement” with “movies set during” later.

A provisional Kostomarov library here, with a couple Osnova articles. Question for those who want to be Holodomor specialists someday- can we find traces of what he wrote about in said magazine between 1860-1862 in his writings before and after that time? You can be serious about this stuff or you can post memes all day. If you go with the latter then the Chabad is probably right about you, and I don’t think you want that.

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