There’s a genre from 16th century Ukraine called Дума, which consists of epic poems, folk songs. This is about one that isn’t included in modern editions, about “the owners of everything”

Insubordination sometimes meant your family would be sold off to slavery apparently. This is from a time about 700 years after Khazaria, and 150 years after the infamous expulsion from Spain. I found this one by typing in жиди-рандарі, a term which I found here which contains lots of clues that can be pursued. That Shevchenko poeticized these dreary realities. It looks like there’s lots of material in the Ukrainian language to sort through that could substantiate an earlier history of white slavery than Bristow and the transatlantic slave-trade

They sold Slavs to Arab countries as slaves. We’re beginning to understand that old word that they want discontinued, жид. They demand the name-change to Єврей in order to implement crypto-slavery. жид has connotations that evoke their history of slavery, so Єврей makes their control more subtle.

Kichko has a Ukrainian book I need to find also

This still exists today, the conviction that if you don’t like them you simply must be jealous. It could never be because you notice that they’re crypto-slavers of human cattle. The charge of “anti-semitism” has its foundation in this notion, that only someone who is covetous would dare to criticize a жид. The word жид is a criticism of that notion itself, thus it had to be euphemized in order to reverse the dialectical unlocking of knowledge. Just some preliminary thoughts on these Ukrainian terms, I’m only at the beginning of understanding them. I’m sure if I could find a Lurkmore from their countrymen they’d clarify the precise meanings of those words. And if Hodos is right they need some new Дума, epic poetry. This is a helpful site until I find some Lurkmorian Дума about the жиди. Just so much to sort through, look at this collection of old Ukrainian newspapers – 26,751 results for the word жид.

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