Me and my bioleninist readers

Whoever my brown readers, my woman readers, my jew readers, are, you are someone who I admire by virtue of you surviving.

It’s next to impossible to escape democratic thinking. If lots of people believe something and only a minority believes the opposite, the chances are, you’re going to side with lots of people. Maybe you’re a hate-reader and so you don’t really understand, well you’re here so that says something. The memeplex that they want you to believe isn’t actually good for your development. Even the intelligent race the Jews mostly don’t understand this. I only condescend people who seem immature to me. Only circus-freaks are able to think outside of majority-rule, and I highly doubt that if you think you’re one of them that you indeed are. We’ve universalized a tearing-down mentality. It angers people that they don’t live in a country of their own. I identify as a white male so I see the US as a country of my own, yes. Most people can’t hear any of this without mentally shrieking and climbing up a wall. “This is everyone’s country!” You can live in illusion if you want. It’s not everyone’s country. I admire you if you are able to read these things without emotions getting in the way. The people whose country it isn’t are stuck in this tearing-down mentality, and it isn’t good for their development. No matter if 99% of people disagree. In this dimension I’m probably perceived as an Oscar the Grouch type by many, and the reality is that it’s a mechanism to interpret me that way after I’ve made them feel like garbage. The alternative is being garbage and being affirmed for being garbage. And that’s the status quo tactic. If you care about your development you will acknowledge that maybe there are certain things about you that are in fact garbage-like. And from there you might move on from the standard tearing-down mentality. I see black women sometimes voicing the party line that white supremacy to be eliminated. It’s not easy to understand that that is exactly the tearing-down mentality. Instead of tearing down you should try to rise up to what you want to tear down. The glaring obvious blunder is that of Jews who are too egotistic to learn from Christians. You’re either living in a Christian country or one that only exists because of Christians – hello? I hate to brag, I’m a psychological mastermind and see all the ways you rationalize to yourself why this isn’t true. I repeat again- it’s not good for your development. Instead of being like white males all you can do mostly is sit and seethe, and quietly sow revenge. Revenge for what? That you’re not a white male? You should try to be like us, that’s how you will be able to be free, and not live in a state of immorality. I offer you promise, if only you’d listen, rather than being angry, stomping and having a tantrum. Do you actually believe in “emancipation”? Then you’re going to have to lose the tearing-down mentality. Women, Jews, browns, that’s the normal way for all of them to live in our time. You have the option to stop being a person with a trashcan lid on their head. Instead, all of this probably just makes you mad, even though I’m sincerely trying to help you. Even many of my fellow white males are like this so I can’t really blame you. Some of the sharpest minds are like this, you’d be floored if you heard some anecdotes I have to tell. Try to be more mature than even many white males are capable and then I’ll really admire you. Ask yourself why you have that tearing-down mentality. Have you reflected on it much? Are you sure it wouldn’t be better for you to rise up to the level of what you’re tearing down? For the final time, I mostly only expect anger as a response to this. It’s not just anger, it’s sadness. It doesn’t have to make you sad, that’s counter-productive. Both of those emotions keep you right where you are. White males are evil though right? So why listen to me. That very conviction is based in that tearing-down mentality. I’m not evil, I’m trying to help. You could be a “golden one” someday, I believe in you. All you have to do is not get angry or sad about what is said here.

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