Not much has changed

The so-called Persian wars were wars of Greeks against barbarians

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the cognitive dissonance Americans have about the peoples of the world. The wall-concept brought out starkly the beliefs of the left. Notice how there wasn’t a Vietnam War level protest at all throughout the time we were killing millions of people in the Middle East. That’s what happens when you implicitly perceive a people to be “barbaric”. And now, see people’s reaction to the idea of a wall being built to keep a different kind of barbarian out. If you’re trying to figure out how this is “consistent” thinking, give up, because it’s simply not consistent, it’s cognitive dissonance. What happens in and near the US has one logic, and what happens in the Middle East has another logic. Barbarians exist there, they don’t exist here. What’s Socratic in our time is to reverse these perceptions. Are Central Americans barbarians and Middle Easterners saints? You first have to ask that question in order to know the answer, and you’re not allowed to ask that question. They prefer if you believe in the standard opinion- anyone who migrates from Latin America is a potential saint and anyone who was bombed in the Middle East was probably a barbarian, and further! the way for you to be a saint is to believe these things, and the way for you to be a saint is to recognize Israel and its people as the saintly people par excellence. After Socratic questioning none of these beliefs are self-evident, though they may all have some grain of truth to them. An informed citizenry would be Socratic in this way, and they don’t want an informed citizenry. It’s most saintly to make the Saints par excellence cozy on this side of the world by demonstrating that you believe that anyone who migrates here is a potential saint, and it’s most saintly to make the Saints par excellence cozy on the other side of the world by demonstrating that the any means is justified in preserving their country’s existence. Socratic Trump questioned at least some of this, and now we have to “heal” and “build back better”, which means (lol who the hell knows what that means) which means that hahaha sorry sorry which means that we need to believe in the potential sainthood of all the people in the world migrating here, and the barbarism of the Middle Easterners who don’t accept our extremely deceptive idea of “democracy”. Non-Socratics strike me as barbaric. The fundamental belief among “saints” is that vice is acceptable. жиди are євреїв–in other words, sinners are saints. You see this language shift in the way leftists now often capitalize “Black”. You see the opposite when a Farabian in MENA is interpreted as a terrorist. Do I have to show you again all the different kinds of academics they murdered in Iraq only years ago? And you think they won’t do that to “the Persians”? Meanwhile, we can shift language to think of “Latinos” as Aztec “cannibals”. Why not, aren’t the supposed terrorists in MENA as bad as cannibals? And which interpretation is right? I.e. if we were going to lose the standard beliefs, and ALSO lose the Socratic devil’s advocacy, what is the most accurate way of seeing things? I don’t claim to be the paragon of objectivity, what I do know though is that blankslatism is a myth and that barbarians, both civilized and primitive, blue collar and white collar exist, and that I’d prefer not to live on a street with even one of them. And I don’t think anyone disagrees with that at the end of the day. Their surface politics tells a different story. How many liberals shame the country for racism while living in a white state like Maine? These people have their own personal demons to exorcize. Socratics are considered chandalas and liberals are considered brahmins, that’s the status-game in our time, so I don’t expect anything besides pseudo-snobs turning their nose up at me. At least be a real snob that’s above those system-approved snobs. “No, because I’m not a real snob.” I know you’re not, and it’s sad to watch. I saw one real snob the other day propose the idea that we should find one of those abandoned towns in the midwest and rebuild it, populating it with people like ourselves. I’d like to live in a “nazi city” where we don’t even have to make anti-semitic jokes, because everyone “just nose”. Paradise is within the realm of possibility, friends. We live in a time of enforced charity. Even if we had a white oasis in flyover country for a couple decades they’d start requiring “diversity quotas” in one way or another. That’s fine because then we could just move somewhere else for a couple decades. I mean, is it “fine” as much as it’s necessary? If you want to avoid turning into the wretched ones due to your (coerced) proximity to them, that may indeed be necessary. I think conquering nature will play a key role in avoiding wretchedness- ever since I was looking up that Northern island of Norway’s I’ve been getting ads for those heated clothes. What kept our ancestors away from those icy places is the lack of technology, that’s it.

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