I love the internet- as much as they hide from us, there’s still so much interesting material to study

I’m in the habit of distrusting Baidu, and googling Chinese words instead. This is actually a Baidu site so I might not even click it. In other words, I expect “history of Chinese historiography” to be itself an instance of Chinese historiography, with the chances highly increased being a Baidu site.

I saw a weird Chinese term months ago related to this that I’m trying to find again, so I can juxtapose it with Herodotus, the supposed inventor of history.

I expect to find mostly “Xi’ian” histories of China from people who aren’t like that one cynical Chinaman who is adept at both anti-CCP thoughtcrime and VPN technology.

There’s an idea in Confucianism that Heaven gives the emperor the right to rule. And I expect something similar to exist in China today- Xi isn’t God, he’s beholden to certain ideas himself – what is this from the 30s for instance

There are probably certain books that are higher than Xi.

Remember how he idolizes the Qin Dynasty? I wonder if he has a favorite book about that. Did a certain historiography that existed before he was born shape the way he interprets that dynasty?

Do you see how this concept of “history of historiography” can be deceptive though? It almost beckons one to wonder about the historiography of it.

This me reminds me of something Du Jin said recently

It seems to me that university students are already too integrated into the structure of the everyday modern world and that only high school graduates are open to this dimension. I am very fond of the fact that people with no real training turn to philosophy and use some of its fragments.

Want to explain the calcified beliefs of brahmin-progs (guardians)? Their minds shut off around.. ~20 years old. The university gave to them the Highest Wisdom. They are objects in this way. Younger people are still malleable, able to think. (Unless you “learned thinking” in the university, which is possible.)

You’re not going to learn “the history of historiography” in any of our universities. It will always be a history that can be historiographized using criteria the academy finds disreputable. Their Olympic pantheon cannot be questioned.

This is another way of talking about the philosophy of history. In high school and college you will learn history, the history they want you to learn. As for the ideas contained in those books Amazon bans, you’ll see nothing of the kind. So to speak, the little girl in red from Schindler’s List is the permanent protagonist of the movie of the minds of people educated like this. That film itself is a form of historiography.

You’d think that the academy, being the brain of culture, would have specialists on this subject, and the fact is that certain presuppositions are mandatory. Why use such and such a source instead of this other source? Well, because we shot enough people on the other side. That’s ultimately their answer if pushed. And that’s not in the ~spirit of objectivity~ so they make sure there aren’t people around to ask those questions. History is similar to Revelation in that sense. It begins in faith, not in doubt, i.e. you presuppose that it’s true and proceed from there. In fact, at the periphery of the consciousness of people educated like this there is a disavowed sentiment that if you ask these questions then you should’ve been shot like those people whose sources we don’t recognize. Historiography determines a given person’s humanity. I just happen to lean more toward the ideas I find in certain Italian books than the ones I find in most English books, and that makes me less than human. Yeah I guess someone who finds this exciting is less than human

This is a Chinese perspective by the way.

Explaining Liberals 101 – they stopped learning after either high school or college.

“I’m not a liberal, I like Bernie instead of Biden!” Okay, liberal.

If you cared about “the olds” even 1% as much as you care about “the news” then you probably wouldn’t sound like such a “newbie” in everything you say.

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