This is from a world-newspapers site – all these are hyperlinks

Multiple newspapers at each link. For future humanity, we need a site like this that hyperlinks to multiple goodreads sites for each country that contain all of their works in the public domain as well as pirated works, which are instantly translated to any language one wants. This is how to accelerate progress. One of you techies do this, please. We’re still living with a primitive internet. Already today my experience of the world could’ve been enhanced a hundredfold if such a site existed. Typing in Herodotus’ name in Persian هرودوت and Chinese 希罗多德 could’ve brought me instantly to the most up to date scholarship on this first historian of the West, and instead I’ve had to sort through random articles of questionable validity.

“First world problems!” No, only finding cliche statements on your social media timeline is a first world problem, this is beyond first world. And I don’t want it to be a problem for zoomer history buffs, for one. And if we don’t create this site it could be a problem for an even younger generation.

You can look at this global version of the Z-library as a step in that direction. Notice how you don’t see any books on Herodotus there, only translations? Globalism is still in its infancy. There’s bound to be tons of Chinese works in the hyper-specific genre of east/west Confucius vs. Herodotus, and it should be easy to find auto-translations of them. And that goes for books from any other literate country. So why don’t we have this, why couldn’t my day have been instead of pretty good, “awesome”, which is what it would be if I had the best Chinese books on these two historians on PDF right at this moment. I don’t want to have a pretty good day, and I want similar people to me to have awesome days in the future from having a convenient “world library” site to click around at. Walk into any library in the world while sitting in front of a laptop. A world library would be a historical invention. And kids in the future would just think it’s “normal” and probably be a lot more knowledgable than we are.

Remember how you have to bring a couple pieces of mail in order to register for a card? Ha, no registration required- free world library!

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