Having my sperg thoughts about aliens again. Earth is still at such a larval stage. The US can’t even stop the rise of China, it’s going to be engulfed. Meanwhile there are other civilizations in the multiverse that see other planets as a “China”. You’re “supposed” to create a planet that can be like their “China”. That’s not happening with the US. Globalism isn’t such a bad idea when it’s a planet of posthumans. That’s not the plan that the Abrahamic defectives have. Maybe these Confucians will use CRISPR to leave what is known as humanity behind. We can only hope. The point of life, in the grand sense, is to control a planet and be a galactic version of a “world superpower”. That is NOT going to happen with the telos of American ideas. There’s MAGA, which is at least some kind of feeble step in that general direction of not descending into depravity, and then we have with Biden now MBPNHT, Make Brown People Not Hate Themselves. The slightly “brown” people, the yellow people of China, only prosper from that worldview, and they will be going beyond us as a result. So the aliens are laughing at us, if they even bother to pay attention to our larval planet at all. “Looks like you have a couple more centuries before we have to even bother trying to regime-change you.” Who knows what level of posthumanism they could be on. What we think of as “CRISPR” to a posthuman who was modified by CRISPR might seem like child’s play. Will the collectivist-brained Chinese even be able to use CRISPR appropriately? Will the doomed whites? We’re just living after the good times of a thriving empire, good to make the best of it somehow. One possibility is to learn Mandarin and CRISPR, and use white IQ to persuade them about certain ideas that yellows could never possibly think of. PC is bad now, I expect PRC to be even worse. To the aliens of the galactic federation, earth is a non-entity with either one in power.

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