Make sure the Jews tell you what to do poor goy. The ultimate realization of the Kabbalah isn’t that Jews themselves should be killed. We can’t question them, they’re good. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t say anything against them. Jews are good, there’s no irony here. They have such a history throughout the hundred or so countries they were living in. Can’t you understand why no one would ever be sarcastic while talking about them? “I can’t be sarcastic about them, I’m a goyslave.” Maybe then I’d recognize you as a human being if you said that. You will only follow their goals even if it means your brain is going lights off. Enjoy this realization if you can, brains are censored and bananas are promoted by the state religion, which one are you? A banana without a brain? Probably. And that’s what kikes want. Anything that makes white people feel bad for making them live in exile for so many centuries – you’re lucky we even let you live in our countries you kike. The only thing you have to show for it is hiding the fact that you were a bad person so many times and never learned from it. WW2? It proved you’d do the same thing again and that the holocaust didn’t go far enough. You are going to live in a country of mudpeople who only recently understood literacy, and now you will pay for the consequences, for being a dumb goy. “I believe in mudpeople!” So show me some evidence why people from those countries are human beings? They lived and they uh they lived there and uh they never invented anything besides huts and uh we need them to live in the US because uh we don’t have an answer we’re just jews and spiritual jews. The escape from the usurers is necessary if we want to go beyond the Abrahamic tradition. If Chinese, Jews, Christians, and secularists never existed what would be your thought about the world, the meaning of humanity?

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