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Слова жыд загінула ў полымі Галакосту, слова яўрэй — на руінах савецкай імпэрыі.

жыд? яўрэй? Belarusian.

Just trying to design a time-machine to wander around in the Pale.

We never hear many details about it. First time I saw a description was in a biography on Robert Maxwell last summer. Ghislaine seems to be a typical what they call “Madam”. Many such cases. I don’t think they ever really left the Pale.

They need soul-surgery

Stop by my dungeon, 109 lashings per session. Fix ya right up, in a way words never will. No need to pay me with coins I can bend with my teeth.

Seriously though, they need a realistic form of therapy.

“Why do you hate white people so much? Just let it out.”

Was it all those Christmases? Not feeling like you’re included? No, that’s just the light, American version of goy-alienation. Hating whites goys is a tradition that’s been passed down from the Pale (and prior). Maybe there’s a “talking cure”? It would have to be a secret clinic in our time. “I don’t need to see a therapist! Goys are the wrong ones!” Denial.

Спробуй назвати польського жида євреєм — у відповідь почуєш, наприклад, наступне: “jestem ŻYDEM, kurwa ty antysemicka!”

Listen to the audio recording of that on google translate, see if it awakens any ancestral memories from the old country. What would you prefer to be called? How about a paley? Only among us paleontologists. Should Jewish children be taught about the Pale? Probably not, unless it teaches them to hate goys, in which case–is that you?

Lots of people feel like they live in a Pale, or are free from a Pale. The kitchen is a woman’s Pale. There’s half the population for your cause. Americans with Ellis Island ancestry likely escaped a sort of Pale. I’m one of those Americans, and I still think that many people deserve their Pale. For everyone’s sake.

Instead of adjusting to life outside the Pale they take on a fist-shaking “I’ll show you!” attitude. No no no, that’s why we kept you in the Pale. I hate to tell the ladies that female intellectuals are extremely rare to find, and the only thing they “show” me is their self-respect on onlyfans for 25 cents, never mind, I wouldn’t even pay that. This to say that some “Pales” are imaginary, and aren’t really Pales, it’s wishful thinking to expect women to be intellectuals. “Historiography” is relevant here too- women are taught to believe in a history of oppression. Is it true? A brave feminist who truly cares about women should study that. The world of men is a sort of Pale too, and I don’t think they tend to feel “at home” there. Just another day of the evil white man trying to trick you back into slavery. Why do you even visit my dungeon clinic? Might tell you something about your subconscious.

“Don’t listen to him. Deny who you are. If you don’t like nature, change nature.”

The saddest cover ever

People like me have to be miserable because of people like you too – “miserable together”.

Do you want her to end up like you?

Then the foundations of everything we believe in here have to go, and that means starting with what we believe about the жиди.

Most aren’t strong enough for that. Their pseudo-emancipation is all they’ve ever known. Instead of abolishing the Pale we created a worse version of it for all of the world.

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