They must have foreign language teams working for google to scrub not only English websites from the results. Because it isn’t easy finding the novels I’m looking for, and I know they exist.

Some more names from the MENA world you might not have heard of, in the meantime.

Just because it’s a digital book-burning doesn’t mean it’s not a book-burning. Feel like I’m whispering to strangers in broken dialects of their languages if they happen to have saved a copy somewhere. You know, that type of book. Psst. Never heard of such a thing, go away!

A Man in the High Castle esque story (spoiler- “heartwarming” plot-twist).

So tedious looking for this stuff after the work of the professional censorers. “They don’t exist, just forget about it.” Exactly, exactly what you want.

Dostoevsky knew. Disagree with me, disagree with him.

They own both the gutenberg and neo-gutenberg presses, if that isn’t profound to you I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m going through the translations of Pale from this post. I feel bad for people who had to rely on normal libraries throughout the centuries.

“kresowa” – a possible clue?

Before 1989, borderland literature was one of the subjects that were rather ‘badly present’ at school, presented only in a very limited way. Since the beginning of the nineties, this extremely important and interesting area of ​​Polish culture has also been “recovered” by the Polish studies at school.

Another allusion to Atlantis

Kresowa – borderland – wall – starting to see the connection?

I’m not looking for heartwarming material unfortunately, quite the opposite, and what do you expect them to print in “the Auschwitz country”?

History of borderland literature. Kresowa, also called Kresy

How many of the 109 are like “Atlantis”?

the history of literature in the Borderlands would require at least several volumes, not 450 pages. Hadaczek created an excellent outline. He tried to distinguish the most important topics, motifs, trends.

Too many tabs now with the magic words “kresy Żydzi”.

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