Looks like an innocent pedantic Polish academic studied the wrong niche subject

Literature historian dr hab. Magdalena Piekara, prof. The University of Silesia from the Institute of Literature (Faculty of Humanities) of the University of Silesia has been dealing with the Jewish question for many years in the 19th century

Countdown to when I’m going to pose as an antifa type and email these kinds of people requesting suggestions for the most vile anti-semitic literature imaginable. holding back tears, I just want to know what led up to AUSCHWITZ!! “Nobody’s heard of this one, I’m so glad someone is interested!”

Thanks, paley.

You don’t know anything about Poland besides Auschwitz, the occupation. Isn’t that weird? It’s like there’s a two-part book and we only know the second one. “There’s a first one? Like a prequel?” No, not like a prequel, the first book of two. “I only want to know the second one.” Why?

The 19th century Kresy – what happened there?

We know the Radhanites, of the years 500-1000, were merchants and slavers.

Here’s something from a Polish site

Alright, they probably stopped all that in the 13th century, right? Do you remember Casimir and Esterka? That was the 14th century.

This is only Poland. How about Ukraine? That Дума tradition of epic poetry we saw recently? 16th century. Learning about the 19th century of these two places will be most important. Since, who knows, maybe they stopped all the slavery and using goyim as cattle, said sorry, then the evil Nazis decided not to forgive them? I’m guessing the same Talmudists kept doing what they do best during the 19th century and early 20th. “They stopped the Talmudism after WW2, right, right?” We’ll probably understand our own time better if we find “the first of two books” which is kept hidden from us.

See how this coincides with Catherine the Great’s creation of the Pale of Settlement?

Between around the years 1800 to 1900 no one really knows what “they” were up to in the Pale. I go out of my way to find out objectively and keep finding blatant postwar propaganda.

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