Yep, love those Portuguese, love those Portuguese. Sick of em. I want a “hatred renaissance” so bad. Speech-restrictions are an interference with ethics. They’ve effectively made the people who point out unethical behavior the unethical ones themselves for doing so. What do you think the word racism means, what do you think the word anti-semitism means? It’s anti pointing out unethical behavior. Non-judgment regarding unethical behavior is enshrined as the most ethnical principle. Do you expect your country to last if that is so? When you can’t use certain words – “жиди” – all that means is that the жиди will be жиди with impunity. And that goes for all the other so-called “slurs” that are really just the most accurate words to use to describe certain types of people. If you don’t know them as “that”, then they will continue to be what they are, instead of changing, and before you know it, that’s just normal reality to live among them, i.e. it’s “the new ethical”. There’s nothing ethical about жиди. If you live in that delusion where you believe жиди to be ethical then there’s probably an appropriate slur for you too. And maybe you’ve owned it by now? Are you happy? Is a pig wallowing in mud happy? Probably. That isn’t happiness, happiness is being a good person. No matter what, if you’re a human being your conscience follows you everywhere. If you’re a demon then guilt probably pervades your experience, if subtly. “I’m a sell-out!!” Or are you just unfazed? Then I doubt your humanity, here we are again. Just no one there, an empty shell that puts on the impression that they’re alive. Жид-brain means you’ve suspended the ethical like them. It’s easy to do when everyone’s doing it, I just expected more from certain people I guess. “Smallskullgoy”, that almost sounds like a Russian word. Being skullpilled is so cursed

Aren’t most of the only whites in Biden’s cabinet Irish?

Nothing against the Irish or Jews, it’s just that if you can’t escape the trauma of your homeland it tends to show in your politics. I’m sure there are some out there who disagree with their coethnics’ mental illnesses, and we can live in our own pale or beyond the pale, whichever you prefer, away from them.

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