The thought of being a “Jewish idea shop”, how can you even stand that? I just say whatever I want, you should try that. Many people don’t want Babylonian products. “That’s capital today! It sells!” To whom? Just go online and be a real person for once, it’s all so sad to watch for years on end. “That is a Jewish idea shop!” And thus I call on the arsonists. So tell me if I’m getting this right here. Your ideas are based on the market and the opinion of the general population. Why should I care about what you say if that’s the case? You can’t even directly respond to people like me because you live in that reality of being a total bitch to capital. You have no excuse, don’t bother trying to think of one. Some of these liberals probably genuinely identify with “build back better” and “healing” – I only ask, what is it precisely that hurt you? Do you want to describe in detail what terms like “white supremacy” and “fascism” really mean or nah? It’s finance-niggers in control, why would they care about that? You run a Jewish idea shop because you’re a slave and you think they show you a way out of this. They don’t. I am not a polemicist when I tell you that. They themselves don’t know the way out of thought-slavery, and they’ve recruited you to their cause. How to escape? First step is distancing from them as far as possible. Step two is you have to actually catch me on a day when I have faith in humanity, which is dwindling. For now, if you trust my judgment after all the propaganda against me for years without ever saying my name, it seems a quiet life could be in your best interest. Hate to sound Amish, it’s just electricity has its vices and virtues. Electricity/internet keeps you aligned with rabble-opinion, and only few can exist here without believing it. Just take a step back, have a while to wonder about the meaning of life. I guess I’m an evil person for suggesting that. You want to avoid the fate of boomers and their TVs, millennials risk the same with their internet. “I believe in Zionism.” Can you justify that? I’ve never seen anyone do that. Never even a paragraph that could convince me, maybe you’re different? Otherwise the solution is to escape from public-opinion through distrust of electronic surveillance. “We want to make you stupid, we want you to read the most idiotic source possible, we the Jews, we want you to be mudpeople pretty soon, and you can’t question any of that, aren’t we Jews good people?” No, you are a type of mud if you do this. Have you ever admitted that? Snobbish white women already know about you, they don’t want little girls being whores who live in countries packed with muds like you want. “White women are under our control!” No they aren’t kike, we’re only preparing for when you will be holocausted once again. If you aren’t part of this ethos then you are running a “jewish shop” and you are one of the ones who should be killed. “I do happen to be a whore who can only raise a bastard who will be dysfunctional in society.” So you admit it? It all traces back to the Old Testament. Who could question such a book? Looking at the behavior of today’s oldtestamentologists it’s really easy to question you. Make an argument instead of censoring, maybe then I’d accept your opinion. You have nothing to say because you’re a kike.

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