A liberal progressive rabbi from the Netherlands in on the list. “We don’t want liberal progressives here!” Most of the ones on the list are conservative and orthodox.


Israel takes a “reactive stance” toward those interpreting the Torah in different ways from the haredi Orthodox establishment.

First time I’ve seen anyone explicitly call for this action

Everyone knows about twitter bannings- google censorship is a lot more taken for granted. And, in the context of the rarity of the above image, the censorship itself is censored. Scroll through all those calls for the removal of that JewWatch site- that’s one I didn’t know was deleted from the internet.

This is so symptomatic of google in general

The site received media attention in April 2004 when it emerged as the first result in a Google search for the word “Jew” and a petition was started to get the site removed from Google search results.

So many calls for “Send them to Siberia!” – and they did. Google has really shaped people over the last couple decades too, so our very personalities in the present are likely affected by this attitude from years ago you see in all those KGB-like utterances.

“Put them in the Pale before they get the idea to put us in the Pale again!”

What do you think, would you rather live in the neo-Pale with people like me or beyond the Pale with them?

Anyway still looking for rabbis on that list to see what counts as “wrongthink” – I’m having trouble finding info on the Spanish one on there, Isaac Ben Tzion Benadiba – given the location, that one might be good.

Banning really is effective too. One of my favorite accounts was banned recently and I kind of just want to focus more on “normal” things now, and I’m not going to let them win. God-consciousness, no one really wants that, they all make excuses to go back to normal. No thanks!

Such a pretty house
And such a pretty garden
No alarms and no surprises

No one’s more emo than Radiohead, admit it, the last band I listened to before switching over to classical exclusively.

“There aren’t any pretty houses or pretty gardens in the neo-Pale??” I mean, there could be.

Sleepy Joe and Cameltoe represent tranquilized tranquility and not much else. Political lullaby. That’s what people tend to want. “Transcendence from the human” AHAHA you think they care about that? I think of the people I pass in the grocery store. I don’t think they have a spirit outside of themselves, they’re grounded in the pejorative sense. There’s something to be said about that existence, they just lack a feedback loop between it and the higher circuits. What they don’t want you to know is that certain types of political philosophy are a form of mysticism. Only certain members of the tribe are allowed to be shamans, and those shamans deny that shamanism exist (pass over the subject in silence). Back to studying the Pale to substantiate my thesis that our shamans today are what the South Americans call brujos.

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