Finding some new words that Ukrainian poet Shevchenko used, from a VK post

“Юдея”, “юдейський”, “ізраїльський”

If you click that, you see again that this question of slavery is intrinsically involved in the connotations of these words.

Different variations of жид


Might be here a while

What are all these – жидові?

If I said some of these words in Eastern Europe would people wince?

Remember, for Lurkmore at least, Shevchenko is Ukraine’s “everything”, so maybe not. Unless they’ve had a couple generations of “selective” publications of his works? He’s been called the author of the Bible of the Ukrainian people. So maybe it’s similar to the way anti-semitism is regarded by Muslims reading the Quran?

About 9% of his chief work involves жиди

The question may arise: why does the national poet of Ukraine have such an interest in Jews?

He was born less than a year after Wagner, so this must have been in the air in Europe in general.

It will be interesting to learn how they “dealt” with Shevchenko after 1933. After 1945. After 1991.

I see this in one link – “tell me more…”

This is a novel that experts considered worthy of the Shevchenko Prize

Oo how about this – Chabadnik responses to Shevchenko? Shevchenkoists?

Looks like they do to them what they do to Mark Twain here – edit the texts.

This is so sad to see in another language

Як вважають джерела, близькі до Банкової, новий, політкоректний роман може бути нагороджений Шевченківською премією

Nooo it’s like that in Ukraine too??

Shevchenko tried to warn them, and then the Holodomor happened. Isn’t that proof enough that he was a seer of sorts? Something similar can be said of neech and contemporary nihilism which is arguably worse than Holodomor. Though I’m still waiting for the surviving anti-nihilists to be holodomored.

“Based” you say?

I’m guessing they don’t let Hodos teach there?

I bet there’s some scholarship to find out there written during times when PC was in decline? This is kind of like finding a Wagner from another dimension, where to start.

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