Laughing that goys can relate to this

the poet died seven days before the Emancipation of Serfs was announced. His works and life are revered by Ukrainians throughout the world and his impact on Ukrainian literature is immense.

And if you can’t relate then you’re a serf more than you understand.

Shevchenko is on the ₴100 there. I guess our Founders were serf emancipators too. Kind of baked into the cake of this country. That’s why it seems reasonable to categorize the taboo subjects I talk about as based in “patriotic” principles that thus shouldn’t be taboo at all. Sounds like they need Sviatoslav on the ₴50 there at least. It’s sad I can’t even think of a single American in history who we could draw from to directly help us in our own time – “all for nought”. They’ll probably be putting Rosa Parks on the next $100.

The paleys only agitate the worst parts of America to the surface. So I’m just trying to understand the different dimensions of that time and place for now – here’s this figure again

Shevchenko has a poem called the Haidamaki, it’s violent, and allegedly scripture to them. Guess which side he is on here

Sounds good

The word Жид is mentioned 30 times in this. жиди have recently demanded that Ukrainians cease honoring this event where upwards of 20,000 were killed as a holiday. Ivan Gonta was the leader of this – another figure for gesamtkunstwerk material?

prided himself that he drank a fresh glass of his enemies’ blood every morning

What’s 20,000 next to the 12 million of the Holodomor? Sounds like they should have heeded Shevchenko’s fiery words.

Gonna have to study more about the Polish/Jewish nobility of that time to see if they had a smallskullgoy problem then too. Ukrainian peasants- more admirable than any American alive today. They did end up capturing, torturing, and executing Gonta. At least they tried. We have plenty of food in the US, they starve us spiritually in our Holodomor which has been ongoing for years. And they deny the existence of that just like the actual Holodomor. There must be lots of literature out there that Shevchenko inspired? Drawing from the American tradition proper doesn’t seem very helpful these days. I find lots of good stuff in cyrillic.

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