An act of defiance

It’s weird to think of Asian-looking people writing in cyrillic. This is another one of the invisible countries. Why didn’t they lean toward Maoism? By 2100 will they be writing in the Mandarin script?

One can wonder what language expresses concepts most clearly. And then the material side of things is, which language is spoken by the people with the most money and guns? That’s the expression of the clearest concepts apparently. Then you think of my favorites who adjust to a given language in order to express concepts clearly without the use of material force per se, though they tend to be the capitalists par excellence too. People really can’t understand the world unless they adjust to a “post-prog language”. The Chinese are probably going to be co-opted like all the other Europeans and Middle Easterners. Millennia of literacy refined their spirit in certain ways, and in others dulled it. You’ll find a lot of neo-nazi types who cope about this, I’m not one of them. They were sharpened only in a very constrained direction due to their exclusionary tribalism. I’ve never denied the fact that they were sharp. It’s a Babylonian one that only a few (RAMBAM, Spinoza, Strauss) were able to create a paradigm-shift within, and even they were Babylonians ultimately. No one is going to tell them to do at this rate, they’re too arrogant to learn, and that is the achilles’ heal of their sharpness. Rabbi Marx doesn’t even have to be alive to control them (and the same can be said of many whites). So I don’t have much hope for the Chinese regarding the preservation of a true sovereignty, especially when living ones are going to start moving there after the US collapses. They’re going to have the initial problem of not being able to blend in as well, given the appearance of the Asian, maybe some Esthers will do? жиди thrive in part because they look so similar to Euros and Arabs, so that will be a speed-bump for them. They thrive through the appearance, and subtly altering the more fundamental beliefs behind the appearance. Put differently, they will pretend to be Chinese in order to subvert them and it won’t be so easy when they look like the Western scourge, and let’s not even mention how similar they look to a Sassoon! People probably think I’m just making this stuff up. One of their main tasks at present is making sure that goybrains like mine don’t exist anymore, because they know I’m right about all of this. 您最好快速學習。Бо ти бачиш, що тут сталося. (И особенно здесь.) And now here. Schön, dass Sie dort drüben Schmitt lesen. Who could know what other countries we still need to study for “lost atlantises” of the 109. I saw the number 112 today randomly and wondered, will people like me be posting about 112 in the future? Probably not, they’ll be too stupid to even wonder about that, they’re too stupid now.

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