Day 2000 or something – who’s keeping track – and still no PDF that responds to my arguments. Pretend they don’t exist and instead hint about about how great Jews are and how no one can ever say anything against Apes. You can try speaking in my own terminology for once? 2000 days so I presume you simply can’t. “I’m going to write that PDF right now!” You probably tell yourself that every day and never do it. You can’t. You have a secret religious belief that “lobotomy is good”. It’s alright, you don’t have to admit it, no one is going to judge you for that when you live in a society controlled by Jews. At least try to write a PDF about your “memoirs of a lobotomite”? No, your brain is already too gone to do that. Those grotesque creatures you see occasionally who are the result of whites listening to Jews is only the beginning. It’s already started on the psychological level. You look like a half-slave mentally. The words you talk have an appearance. Half nigger consciousness. Thank the Pale. You might think you’re fortunate that you were able to escape, it won’t be the same for your children, they will be educated differently than you, they will more readily accept animalization. White “autists” as I modestly call them are alive today, and that is far from permanent. It’s a dying breed that cared more about truth than monetary gain and social influence. You can have fun with whatever gets you approval in the so-called real-world, I’m only here to make casual observations without thinking of any of that. It’s great to see mestizos and mulattoes, I’d rather see them than white people, and I love to know that white people say nothing about it because of Jews, aren’t you happy about that. Write a PDF and let me know. Right, you can’t, otherwise you would have already. “Lobotomy Manifesto” jeez I’m not surprised you never wrote that, impossible to sell, better to be sneaky about that. Is this you? “I contributed to the Lobotomy Manifesto“?

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