Nothing brightens my day like a fed giving me simulacra of intimacy known as “likes”

What can I do to alienate this one?

Meh I’ll just keep talking about the Pale. In English books they’ll probably inadvertently tell on themselves

Similar thesis in Russian

Hindus, gypsies, they’re boring. Belgians? Such a fascinating people. Not.

You know that children watch those “screens” I speak of. It’s good to know something about the ones behind them.

An ethnographer by the name of An-sky explored the Pale between 1912-1914, documenting folklore, jokes, the general weltanschauung of the Hyksos. Think you’re going to be hearing about zionist shenanigans during the Biden term? This is how to understand what that’s all about. Civil Rights extremism? Think that just fell out of the sky? Open Bordersism? Look to the Pale. Look to Persia too, that’s also interesting. We already have enough on our plate with the Pale, mein fellow ethnographers.

at the turn of the twentieth century the Pale of Settlement remained relatively unexplored by scholars, leading Simon Dubnov to describe it as a kind of Jewish “dark continent”

It remains so. Postwar historiography, if it leaves the realm of silence, in its holocaust industry slanting toward sympathy, is more artistic than scientific. This teary-eyed hermeneutic is applied to our overlords as well, that’s key to how they maintain control. Studying the same people from a different time and place will shed light on how they actually are today, without the maudlin filter.

An-sky collected five hundred manuscripts and eighteen hundred folktales, legends, and proverbs, among other things. What could we find among those? His work is described as a time capsule. What were the жиди like before the revolution recognized everyone as equal? Were they, possibly, жиди?

This discovery of An-sky’s accidental time capsule would occur following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and early 1990s

Looks like I found something hiding under the floorboards so to speak.

There’s also something called the Cairo Genizah

the single most important source on Mediterranean Jewish culture in the medieval period

That’s 400,000 documents, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I mean, you can have fun with that, I’m sticking with the Pale for now.

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