An-sky, a time-machine designer

Naturally, the authorities suspected us, since we went around with cameras taking pictures everywhere.

The paleys

suspected that perhaps they [the members of the expedition] were disguised undercover-agents

The Emancipation of the Serfs I mentioned yesterday was in 1861- apparently the Radhanites weren’t happy about that. So we need to find an An-sky from before that time too. Remember Bristow’s book documents 1870-1939. And this isn’t even to speak of what they did to deserve the Pale in the first place. “Have it out for them“? You don’t say.

I see them as like Alexander, except instead of Aristotelianism they propagate Leveling

Babylonian vengeance. If you’re not going to help them with their plans they’ll be sure to muddy you up so you’re less aware and more obedient.

“What you’re not allowed to talk about” – guess what. Guess how elaborate you can make it. Think, if I had my own Esther to exploit and discard it would be about 100x more elaborate. A female Shamir would be one of the most dangerous people on the planet. “I love my people too much!!” That’s not a good prog. Still beholden to Rabbis after all these centuries huh little girl? Your piety is cute.

Ironically, An-sky noted, there were many prominent Russian Jewish ethnographers—for example, Lev Shternberg, M. A. Krol, V. G. Bogoraz, and V. I. Yokhelson—who studied “savage and semi-savage” tribes in Siberia and elsewhere within the Russian Empire. Yet none had “dedicated their time to constructing the elements of a distinctly Jewish ethnography,” and so An-sky lamented, “the Jewish people still awaits its own ethnographer!”

How I love to be ruled by neurotics who ban studies of their mental illnesses.

Another one for the collection

With An-sky, Berlin, and Asch one can’t expect an optimal critical attitude. Hodos is a rarity. Goy accounts of the Pale (and pre-Pale) will be best. These will be rare too

Maybe there are accounts from Western Europeans who traveled through there?

If the жиди are anything like they are today we can expect them to portray themselves as flawless. There’s bound to be some old books, maybe by a Belarusian, in the bibliographies of the newer ones on the Pale one can find on z-library. Books in English are going to be selective with what they incorporate. Anything that would earn them the name жиди will probably be left out. Just trying to do a taxonomy on a very special animal here.

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