Seems like something I should’ve heard of sooner

contents have rightly been dubbed “the Living Sea Scrolls.” 

What happened after Khazaria?

Look how many pages. I need a “team” for this, if only

Sviatoslav probably just burned down their home-base and they took off in ships with all their loot.


Hundreds of thousands of documents in the Cairo Geniza and only Hyksos have probably read most of them…

Goitein created an index of 35,000 people and 200 “better known families”. Khazaria was dissolved around 970. The documents from the Geniza are from 750 to the 1800s.

They started photographing the documents in the 2000s

This is just greedy

Pretty much what I’m looking for, in a way.


Egyptian “slavery”, Babylonian “captivity”, the collapse of the Khazarian slave-trade, the Pale of Settlement, the Holodomor, the holocaust, the American ruling class and ideology – we’re starting to figure this all out. Just read Anne Frank’s diary, that’ll cover everything. Definitely didn’t hide the rest of this. Alright Goitein, it looks like I’m going to be starting the first of your six volumes on the Geniza. Can’t understand the Pale without understanding what happened before.

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