I’m writing Shekel, leave me alone

Anyone like me see a picture like this and feel happy?

How many millennia of hunting in the wilderness and toiling on farms to get that point? Most still don’t find happiness from that. Still living in FOOD world.

In the modern world your higher potential has seriously been hijacked by audio-visual entertainment. You’re kept on the farm in that way. They theoretically could romanticize the life of study with those cheap mediums, and they don’t, why would they, that’s like Pepsi doing advertisements for Coca Cola. There must be a way to save the farmbrained. Marxists don’t talk like this, it kind of defeats the purpose of what they’re trying to do. You could solve many of the problems of capitalism and racism if everyperson turned into readers.

Anyway, this is the kind of thing I want to find too

Sophocles for instance is said to have written over 100 plays, and only 7 remain. We probably would have heard about something like that? They’re still working on all this. Materials that only pedants would be interested in they might not bother reporting about? I see that there was Muslim philosophy found in there.

There are other genizas?

This was discovered only in 2011 – thousands of documents. Found at a Silk Road hub. This could also help us understand the Radhanites. This goes back to the 11th century. It’s kind of a relief now that the coup is a dead option and I can focus on other matters–yeah right, this is all still about planning for a future coup.

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