Do you have something appropriate to say in a society? Tell me what that is. Not really, I don’t want to hear that.

What would Copernicus talk about if he were alive today? What would Newton say? That’s my burden, I have neech forever in my ear telling me Goethe wasn’t good enough.

What I have to tell you is that the Torah is the original “Q” and I don’t trust the plan! How many countries now has Q convinced to trust the plan and what has that gotten them? They’re “anons” too. Who knows who actually wrote the Torah? Just trust the Plan. No, I’m not going to trust the plan. I see “judaeo-christians” and Qanon people in the same light. Imagine if Qanon were state-sanctioned- that’s what our state-religion is. Trust the plan, kill brown people in the middle east and invite brown migrants to our country here, trust the plan, it’ll all work out. No, you’re crazy people who have no ultimate justification for any of it. Trust the plan, trust jews, no, I won’t. Insanity has been institutionalized. I don’t think I’ll ever trust anything a jew says again the rest of my life. You haven’t thought out your “Plan” at all. That’s been handed down to you for centuries and it keeps ending up with you being kicked out of the country you were exiled to, and here we are once again, I’m not trusting your plan. Over and over it has been debunked, and the only way you carry on your tradition is through hiding the fact that this is true. I don’t trust your plan, I don’t trust you, and honestly I think that you and your post-torah secular books should all be burned. The only reason so many people trust your plan is because you’ve screwed so many people out of cash that you’re able to fund brainwashing programs known as universities and news. Trust the plan, give us your money so we can persuade others to trust the plan- even Scientologists seem saner than you. Who’s more immoral than a jew? I can’t think of anyone. Why do they keep kicking you out instead of killing you?

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