The Hakka migrated five times

Our future masters. They hold the “record” for most deaths caused by one subethnic group, so probably wise to get to know them. Were these migrations innocent?

This was mid 19th century.

All of these can be studied to understand what shaped them, what led to the infamous revolution, and the princelings of today

Just because tens of millions of people died does that necessarily mean they’re evil? I guess it depends on how you define “evil”. Causing tens of millions of people to die is one definition, not the only one. I’m not being sarcastic! By the way, I’m not bothering to look for information about them on Baidu, because they control Baidu.

So, early 300s – what gave them this mindset? No, I’m not going to mention Exodus in this context, because I’m a pleasant citizen. We shouldn’t prepare in any way for a time when China controls us. And we shouldn’t learn from behavior of a certain people in our own country. We should just go in blind, that’s smart, right? Does the ADL want to have a word with me?

While I don’t expect their histories to neatly align, we can consider ourselves lucky that that this alternate dimension exists that we can find parallels to our own in- on some planets there is no East and West. On some there’s probably only one group of civilized people while the rest haven’t evolved, or in some cases there’s too much ocean. Incorporating sci-fi themes into rants involving backwards slurs is how I trick people, has it worked? Anyway, I expect to find CCP-approved history of the Hakka as well as a more unseemly side. I expect Hakka scholars to tell me one thing, and a Vietnamese kid on a forum to tell me something else.

The obvious question number one – did they cause these things?

I’m sure there’s a heartwarming history of them to tell too

I have heard that they’re misers, with their own language, and a strong sense of group-identity.

The following is according to a 68th generation Li Hakka

There is also why the Hakka people do not integrate into the local dialects of various places. This may have the factor of not forgetting the homeland… They only call themselves Hakka because they all hope to return to their homeland one day.

Do they have a “Talmud”? A specific term for the pleeb-chinese?

Reading about some Hakka in Thailand – HOG?

Apparently language is more important than land to them

UR. It has one more tone than Mandarin. Hyper-conservative nomads.

It’s rumored that there were 6 migrations. Maybe one or some they don’t like to talk about? The academics say 5. They say lots of things.

One clue about their origins

And the princelings are the landlords today too. So it wasn’t just a “migration”, it was a forced migration, i.e. exile.

So, how about the second migration? Did they do “the same thing again”? I dunno they’re still new to me, and honestly none of this is as interesting to me as the Pale at the moment. There’s no doubt a hermeneutic of suspicion that can be found somewhere, a Sino Shevchenko. What I can determine from these cross-cultural studies is that exile is a blessing in disguise.

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