I’m always surprised when I find a language I haven’t googled subjects with yet – “There are so many!”

คือ”ฮากกา” คือ”จีนแคะ” วรศักดิ์ มหัทธโนบล

This is a Thai book on the Hakka published in their year 2546.

They couldn’t have a “Жид” parallel, could they?

“ฮากกา” vs. “จีนแคะ”

From a Thai forum

Why the Hakka people have influence There is a high level of political role throughout Asia. 
Whether in mainland Taiwan, Singapore, Malay or in many countries in Southeast Asia

They’re aware that they’re the ones responsible for the tens of millions of deaths during the Taiping Rebellion. You thought I was going to say communist revolution, right? No, there’s that too. Smiling slant-eye people, don’t let them deceive you about the evir they’re capable of.

You used to find forums on google more often. That’s one of the ways they control opinion here, by removing those from the results. Seeing what “normal” people have to say. We begin to believe that what is “normal” is what the corporations say. I like forums, asking a stranger what they think about the world.

You don’t hear that sort of statement about many subspecies.

คนแคะ มักขี้เหนียว ตระหนี่ 

Another “reader race”?

Is there a Hakka canon?

Semites and Hakkas rule the earth and you never hear about either of them. Not in the way I talk about them at least. Why isn’t there a book on both of them? People of the world have stone-age brains is one likely explanation. This is a pressing issue. I’m sure you’ll go right back to the same old dumb shit you always focus on though, or am I wrong? Too many dirtsouls in the world to even want to be alive sometimes to be honest. I’m convinced I’m living in a future time partly due to all the DMT from when I was young. See what happens when you die, it’ll do wonders. That’s my authority. Not the pluto-demos. RE Deleuze’s idea that philosophy is the creation of concepts- an unshakeable and consistent impression that most people are “peasants-with-soap” – they’re still attached to the agricultural umbilical cord, still farmers with undeveloped neocortexes, most of the so-called elites as well. And the ones from generations of wealth don’t mind preserving a neo-feudal order. You can either separate from the pluto-demos and take my advice or remain a serf, and I know the grim reality of the most popular option most take of being a proud serf happy with the supposed “equalism” doctrine. So anyway, tell me why a book like that doesn’t exist. There’s bound to be a Five Migrations of the Hakka in one of those Asian languages written from a critical perspective. How about one on both the five and the one hundred and nine? Enjoy farming instead peasant, and know that the soap can only clean so much.

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