Thais know what’s up

But most Jews have ambitions of progress. Which may have a root cause of vengeance Ancestors preached the events and difficulties for their children to remember.

What’s this one about, why have I never thought about Grexit?

“You were always supposed to live here” – Something tells me I need to get off the Thai internet and onto the Greek internet.

“We’ve been calling to you for years…”

Ένα τόσο περίεργο μέρος

A dissertation on related matters

Real “Athens versus Jerusalem” hours. It must be over 109 because I keep finding expulsions I never heard of. The Greeks helped the Nazis get rid of them apparently – you never hear about that.

This must be the most invisible country of all, given how much I talk about Plato. They might have the most nuanced “Lurkmore” in existence if they live in a country where he is from.

Here we go, found this on a Greek blog

Is he about to Socratize me?!?! You never see any of this presented in the above way. It’s always giving answers rather than asking questions. It could be nuanced in ways that I don’t like, anything is possible. So far, sophistry. Click around for yourself. Maybe the dialectic is more intense there if I find a writer like this. He just makes me more anti-semitic. Probably why they tend to pass the subjects over in silence. So sick of google. 3/4 Greeks are wrongthinkers and all the results are the same old empty sermons. The question isn’t if I’m going to find a Greek Michalkiewicz, it’s when, and how many. One name I found so far – Δημοσθένης Λιακόπουλος – continuing to look.

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