Biden’s head on a silver platter? No, no one wants that. He’s not in control anyway. Not even mentioning the dementia, the Swamp is in control. Their heads on a silver platter? No one would love to see that, not a soul. Depicted on netflix of course, never in reality. No one would ever want to see that.

Thinking about some debates I had years ago about the question of “national socialism” as it pertains to people of European descent generally. That’s probably pragmatic, and I’ve never been interested in that. If you genuinely want to talk about Realpolitik then expect to alienate nearly everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I personally find solidarity with “whites” in general regardless of whether they’re Italian, Irish, Russian, etc., regardless of education, whether they’re shudras etc. At the same time, it has to be said that there are distinctions to make. It doesn’t make people happy when you talk like this. It depends on how socialistic you are. I’m anti-social. (As much as it causes me suffering). You think Hitler would have rose to power if he started ranting about how “99% of people…” This is what I mean by socialism. And those 99% are indistinguishable from “the Swamp” to me, even if they are white, even if they are white reactionaries. You know the word I want to say, I’m not going to say it. You can have fun with your surface politics, that’s all ebonics to me. Or is it Yiddish? Mixture of both. If you want to talk to the demos you will speak some dialect of white ebonic-yiddish. Once again, have fun with that, you sicken me, I’m sure you don’t sicken them. You want to take care of the Swamp? Only a minority isn’t a swamp creature, and more of a minority than you think. Unfortunately, every day I get the sense more and more that I’m preaching to niggers. What else do you want me to call you? If you’re not offended by that then that’s your sign that you’re not one. I just expect that many will be offended, and all I can do is laugh at you. Politics isn’t for you. “Politics” is for you. Farmbrain, kitchenbrain, junglebrain, shtetlbrain, none of these people deserve a vote. I can smell you from a mile away. If you want to be happy then you’ll simply be modest and accept it, and of course we can’t expect that from people with brains like these. All swamp creatures to varying degrees whose heads I’d like to see on silver platters for the sake of future humanity, and unfortunately majority rules. They all create collective rationalizations to convince each other that they are not shudras and other sickening castes. You are.

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