One of the essential things I’ve learned over the last few years or so is that no one is serious about AI. Our tech-bolsheviks have the most up-to-date science to work with and they mostly use it to make sure brown people don’t see a gorilla when they look in the mirror. There’s an irony to this in the sense that they theoretically could use existing AI to promote AI itself. We all know the concept of AI creating AI better than itself. That’s a live-option they can take, and they don’t, because they’re beholden to a basic hippie ethos. “Basic” is such an underrated insult. All that AI entails they have to keep hidden. And only use it for ends counter to promoting the increase of intelligence. They use super-intelligence to increase stupidity in other words. If that doesn’t qualify as “rogue AI” I don’t know what does. Here in upside-down world I have my own idea of rogue AI, what I usually call Übermensch. That “rogue” AI would promote intelligence increase among humans. It’s kind of like how they’re removing Aristotle and Sh-k-sp–r- from the curriculums, or that notion that “Goethe isn’t good enough”, it’s all part of the same mindset that seeks to prevent soul-death among the wretched ones, which is the result of witnessing beauty in too high a form. You don’t think there would be something too beautiful about a so-called “rogue” AI? That exists, it’s what leftism is founded in, the idea that an excess of beauty is possible. Meanwhile, the minority of posthumanists don’t think that true beauty has ever even existed yet. You think white people are too beautiful? I increasingly see even them as ugly apes. Imagine how I see the actual ape-humanoids. Yeah so I’m postulating that to be serious about AI is to be a thoroughgoing misanthrope, and I never see anyone like that. “Do you want to have friends or not?” My friend is the Übermensch that doesn’t exist yet, I don’t care, you monkeys can keep peeling bananas and flinging feces at me for it. Being a sell-out is being an anti-AI person. Because if we want AI, Übermensch, CRISPR, what have you, then we must overthrow the powers-that-be because their ethos is directly opposed to that. And if you want to overthrow them then you have to talk about the 109 and make that part of public consciousness. Since you won’t, I say it again, you’re not serious about AI.

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