Yesterday perusing the Greek internet I found some pretty crazy sites by typing in Γκόιμ. And that’s universal for the most part, translate that word into most languages and you’ll find “all the right people”. Some of them talk about Zeus over there like he’s a living god, it’s great. They must have some of the most well-thought-out interpretations of the Odyssey et al of anyone.

Axis press? Sounds like something I’d rather read than our current events newspapers

In occupied Thessaloniki, two newspapers were published, the Afternoon newspaper and the New Europe, and a magazine, the New Times. These three forms constitute from April 1941 to October 1944 the total of the official and friendly adjacent to the Axis press in Thessaloniki.

Starting to find the other side of the story regarding Thessaloniki

The objective of the elites of Thessaloniki in kicking them out was “Hellenization”. One of those newspapers cited above accused “them” of Bolshevism. A story we’ve heard before, and a reality we see today. What’s dangerous about them is they use their high verbal IQ to manipulate the low instincts of the morons that constitute the majority (proles and women). They promise them the impossible, to be free from all gods and masters. The reality is that they take the place of God. Thus their God is a desert robber and a leper. Something tells me they can do better.

I read that the Thessalonikians try to keep the 40s a secret, I wonder if we can find those newspapers somewhere. That’s necessary for a historiographical PDF on this “110th” country. I dream of a day where anyone can visit a site with all these yet-to-be-written PDFs on it.

Scroll down this page to find these articles

If you’ve spent years being a coward or a whore (the two things that are as bad as being a kike) then working on something like this could be a way to redeem yourself. Or carry on in your cancerous ways, whatever suits you, shudra.

Check out this Greek’s bibliography. He was taken to court over a 1400 page book on the Εβραίοι. Someone like this apparently has a TV show?? He invited Greek Israelis to debate him on it and of course they refused. He has a book on Socrates too- the only kind of person I’d trust to write a book on Socrates. Article on his trial and related matters.

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