I swear, the internet is something like a rubik’s cube. In a list of writings with that Greek Konstantinos Plevris I found none other than the name of Ιούλιος Έβολα, and I never thought to look for enthusiasts of his among his most obvious Med cousins. They have a book of his in Greek that I haven’t seen in English

Look at the Kabbalist here, and the king of the jews

Why are all values meaningless? That’s easy, because E = mc2. That really does seem to be what’s going on in people’s minds. They instinctively believe that moral relativism is grounded mathematically. Einstein might as well be a Medieval scholastic giving an elaborate proof for God’s existence, except inversely. An appropriate title for this other work of Evola I’m finding, “La scienza ebraica, la teoria della relatività e la ‘catarsi demoniaca” – that was published in a newspaper. Oh yeah! That reminds me. Similar to that untranslated Cioran book I found, I wonder if that collection of articles on the JQ that hasn’t been translated is on the internet somewhere in Italian. That “demoniaca” one is in there. Here are the titles of all of them here, 135 articles written between 1931-1943. The Greeks only have a few Evola books translated, I wonder why they chose the one on math and relativism out of all the rest. Ugh not finding that book. Giovanni Preziosi owned the newspaper that published those articles- this is what is said of him

Today in “I wonder why I never heard of this guy”

Instead of a Preziosi we get a Pelosi, aren’t we lucky. The gods smile upon us every day! AHAHAH!

Why have I never heard of him?

Giovanni Preziosi, the expriested priest who personified Italian anti-Semitism in its most vile version

Trying to find all these books.

This is what I like to see

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