Finding lots of stuff I never heard of from that one I hyperlinked to–some sympathetic accounts of the Pale before An-sky’s expedition

A 1903 book by an Irishman who hated British occupation who drew from books by a Russian nobleman who traveled through the Pale. He talks about their confinement causing “bad blood” between the races. Probably help to understand Biden with this book. No no, “bad blood” doesn’t exist in an enlightened time such as ours. I don’t expect to be led down a wrong path with this book, per se, it’s just giving me a more well-rounded understanding of the Pale. Lots of pre-1917 writings they ship with Demidoff here. There’s a reason they were kept in the Pale, Demidoff was a dissenter against them – where are their writings? Imagine implementing sanctions against Israel, that’s what the Pale was, and only about a century ago. “Only Muslims deserve sanctions!” The exploitative caste par excellence doesn’t? Okay. In a sense, the Pale was a proto-Israel (about the square miles of Bolivia) and the alleged crime was that they couldn’t move to Russia. Alright, you have to live in a goy country apparently? Why, so you can parasitize them? That’s the “crime” that caused the “bad blood”. One of the differences between the Hyksos and the Hakka is that the Hakka besides being “landlords” were also farmers- can’t say that about the former. Goys do the dirty work, Radhanites collect.

So much info to go through here. The origins of our ruling class and ideology, I think that’s pretty important to learn about.

I was looking for Demidov’s books on google, what a fool I was. “Are you some kind of obsessive freak?” Yeah I hate the way this country is and I want to know why it is this way. Демидов Черта оседлости. He was the mayor of Kiev for over a decade, a philosemite and bleeding heart liberal by the looks of it, his 19th century writings probably facilitated the dissolution of the Pale border. Alright what did all the subsequent deaths in the USSR prove about the Pale, Demidov? Russians, Iraqis, and Americans would all be happier if they had stayed there.

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