Someone said it

No one ever mentions the Pale. Cinephiles have palebrain. It’s just a coincidence that you’re a rootless cosmopolitan who hates white people after watching the movies of paleys all your life. On that one Greek site I found yesterday that supposedly asked questions anti-zionists couldn’t answer, one of his main points was that “it only begins with the Jews”. Yes, that’s right, if you’re permanently brainwashed to be spiritually jewish it would be better for society for you to be dead. “Whoa, someone not lying about my value in the world for once??” Not gonna get that here. I’ve told you ways to deprogram and if you can’t do that what value is your life if you propagate Pale mindset? It’s essentially punishment for being a crappy person and making rationalizations for why you don’t deserve it. You do. You don’t need a parrot beak to be one of them. “Whites are evil, open borders” – you’re a white kike. Boom, boom. “He can’t say what needs to be done so we can have a healthy society, imprison him!” Anyone who questions the Pale mindset is put in a Pale themselves, whether symbolic or otherwise, that’s where we’re at. Consider this- people who should be in a Pale… should be in a Pale. And people who don’t like people who should be in a Pale… should put those people in a Pale. All values are reversed, this is the world we live in. They want a global Pale because they have mental illnesses, and they gave you the same mental illnesses. No, all of you in a new Pale. Chairman Xi, can you help us with this? You don’t want them bringing the Chinese into their open air insane asylum too.

Only on page 17 of this book and it’s so good

If you’re an ~anti-Semite~ that’s what you’re against. They’re telling on themselves so much in this book, it’s no wonder it’s out of print. Hundreds of pages of bibliography = how many pages of actual books? Probably reading lots of those is key to deprogramming.

“We didn’t do anything!”

Being terrible people and denying it, that’s just mainstream now.

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