Special shoutout to my Latino friends, who are neglected more than jews, blacks, women, anyone in the US pretty much.

Castaneda is probably the one to study. Do you like how a white man is talking to you without political correctness? Alright, so we’re pretty much bros. This isn’t an easy task for a Latino Shaman. “Should I trust this whiteboi?” Should you? At least I’m talking to you in a direct way. Can you be mature for a second and listen to what I have to tell you? There is a conspiracy to create the same place that you tried to escape from. You escape from Guatemala and move to the US, and it’s only more of the same. The mystics of South America are right in certain ways, if you want to know about an “immigration policy” that’s one of my first thoughts. Are you still a cannibal? Why is that? We can decide these questions in our “reading group”. Latinos and Latinas who don’t agree with the beliefs ‘they’ want to impose on all of us can write a PDF about that I might find one of these days. For now, an extremely redacted person is telling you that your tradition of shamanism is good, and your cuisine is good, so you might want to learn from that. For now I’m going off to eat latin american food all while being a total Nazi. “We need to make excuses to be alive.” Why? You interrupt my enjoyment of this meal. Cilantro, I forgot that, ah well the rest is good cuisine. “This is an anti-semitic screed” – question some Latinos about that. We of the mystic-right like spicy food.

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