Learning about the most mysterious book on the planet–the تلمود. It was written in Mesopotamia, collected together, around the year 500 near Baghdad. Persians controlled that part of the world until the 600s. So if we want to understand what was arguably their most important book for centuries we probably have to know what Persians were like in those days, the original goys. Or at least the goys they had in mind when putting together this book. The Talmud played a part in their evolution, it was like a new opposable thumb, or a new invention of fire. A technology they kept relatively hidden from everyone else until recently. The first time it was burned was in Paris in 1242. The Pope of that time thought they only read the Torah. “I thought the Old Testament was your only authority.” It wasn’t until 600 years later, in 1842, that it was translated into German. This is still baffling

They had no idea why the people in the Pale were the way they were, for centuries.

It’s 2021 and I still don’t know which translation of the Talmud to trust, if any.

How many of the 109 wouldn’t have happened if the rest of Europe had done the same?

The French burned their books. Now, the Talmud is part of their evolution. Walking Talmuds. What to do with them?

Even back then it might have been too late

expulsions from Paris by Philip Augustus in 1182, from France by Louis IX in 1254, by Philip IV in 1306, by Charles IV in 1322, by Charles V in 1359, by Charles VI in 1394.

England must have gotten word about the Talmud around that time too because they were kicked out of there only 50 years after that trial in France. For over three hundred years, until Cromwell. Could’ve just stuck with the Torah and maybe none of that would’ve happened, maybe the Pale wouldn’t have happened.

What must those Hakka have been reading? It must not have been as anti-non-hakka as the Talmud if they “only” had to migrate five times.

For the endless reading list-

Anyway, one can trace the Thinking of the modern world to the Pale, and one can trace the Pale to the Talmud. So, back to Persian Mesopotamia then, where it was created.

I look on Abjjad for تلمود and find a Yemeni professor’s book

MENA people get it in a way that many euros don’t

the sacred Talmud, which was not available in the Arab Library in its complete form, and its secret teachings that dominated the world for a period of time, and these claws of evil still tighten their grip on all human civilization.

I’m sure the Jewess reading this wouldn’t want to read something like this to understand herself better

You don’t see stuff like this in English

All this is is hermeneutics, anthropology, psychology, MEDIA STUDIES (so to speak), and I guess some sciences aren’t allowed.

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